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    Ludwig small arc spurs - reproductions

    Here is a pair of reproduction Ludwig small arc spurs. These are made from 5/16" stainless steel and the length is 12" or slightly longer. . Cost is $26 US + $9 US shipping from Ottawa, Canada. Payment from the US is by a US International Post Order Sorry not set up for paypal or EMT My...
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    Early 1950's WFL's - Buddy Rich kit question

    I have a WFL kit - sizes are 13 - 16 - 24 - finished in WMP. The badges are brass keystones - stamped with 1728 N. Damen Ave., which indicates the kit was made in the early 1950's. As far as I know, these are the drum sizes Buddy Rich played. However, the bass drum has never been drilled. It...
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    Post Your First Vintage Set

    Up Load Pictures of your first vintage Kit. This topic may have been covered before, but I couldn't find it. Circa 1993, I bought a 14 / 18 / 24 Ludwig mahogany thermogloss kit from Song Bird Music in Ottawa. The kit was made circa 1970. About 8 years later I found matching 12 and 13 shells...
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    Slingerland Radio Kings

    *** These have been Sold *** I've decided to sell my Radio Kings. The tom is 8 x 12" and the floor tom is 16 x 16" Totally original condition - the original heads barely have a mark on them. Except the resonant side was replaced. Thanks to Mark Cooper who helped estimate these were made...
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    Roger Taylor's Bohemian Rhapsody Drum Kit

    Need some help concerning the drum kit Roger Taylor recorded Night at the Opera and Bohemian Rhapsody with. Hopefully, someone will know the answer to this. From what I can figure out, this album was recorded with a Ludwig thermogloss kit with sharp corner B&O badges - 3 ply shells. I think...
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    12" WFL tom - aqua blue glitter

    Up for sale is a 1950's WFL 8 x 12" tom. Its finished in aqua blue glitter. All hardware is original - but not sure where the tone control went. Chrome over brass hoops. No extra holes - a fabulous sounding drum. Price is $175 US + $45 US shipping. Payment - old school - by US Post Office...
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    Re done bearing edges on vintage drums

    . After searching for years, I finally found an original early 1970's Ludwig 16 x 16 floor tom with a thermogloss finish over mahogany. This is a virtual match to my 14 / 18 / 24 Ludwig thermogloss mahogany kit. The issue is that the bearing edge on the 16" floor tom is a bit wobbly like...
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    Aqua Blue Glitter Wrap

    Aqua Blue Glitter was used by WFL and Leedy in the 1950's. Unfortunately, wrap in this colour is not available. So I'm wondering if anyone has tried taking blue glitter wrap and exposing it UV or maybe vinegar to try to match it to Aqua Blue ?
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    Sold - Early 1970's - 14" Ludwig Floor Tom

    Here is a 1970's Ludwig floor tom from the early 1970's. The thermogloss finish over mahogany is original. The size is 14 x 14" No extra holes - however, the bearing edges have been redone. A serial number has been carefully stamped into the wood re inforcement hoops. All hardware is...
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    My refinished WFL kit

    Here are some photos of the WFL's I refinished during the summer. Basement lighting does not do drums justice when trying to get a good photo. The glitter on the 1959 bass drum is original. The floor tom was missing its bottom wood reinforcement hoop, so I had to make a new one. Someone...
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    Need info on WFL drums

    Quite a number of years ago, I bought a 12" and a 14" WFL floor tom shell from Cherie Willoughby. They were late 1950's. They were originally finished in WMP - but someone had spray painted them black - a tragic sight. Recently, I removed the wrap with a heat gun and paint scraper. This...
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    Preventing vintage hardware from corroding

    Even with a room below 50% humidity, you can still hear vintage Ludwig lugs corroding. They are like an old Ford. To stop the stop corrosion, I've sprayed Ludwig Lugs with automotive silicon that is safe for plastics. I put it on 1950's drums with glitter and WMP finishes, 3 years ago, and...
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    Help identify when these Radio Kings were made

    Ask me a question about Post War Leedy's or Ludwig's and I probably would have an answer. However, my knowledge of Radio Kings is marginal at best. Could someone help me figure out when these Radio Kings were made ? I'm sure the 8 x 12" and 16 x 16" were part of the same set - No idea what...