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    Clip on bass drum spurs

    Looking for some type of clip on kick spurs
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    Tom Posts : Yamaha dbl, 70s and 60s Ludwig long and short, 80s Gretsch

    got some tom posts floating around, I'm moving and don't want to take them with me. All are in great condition. Sorry for the weird photos. 80s Gretsch : $50 shipped probably 90's Yamaha double holder : $30 shipped short Ludwig : $50 shipped long Ludwig : $50 shipped
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    Gretsch Snare, Stop Sign Badge 14x5 Black Nitron

    Turning this around pretty quick to fund another purchase. I purchased from this Reverb listing: I haven't done much but change the heads to a diplomat reso and vintage ambassador top. Strainer is missing butt plate but...
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    70's Gretsch Snare Drum black nitron

    selling this 70s Gretsch snare Here is the original listing with photos. pretty much just bought it but gotta flip it to generate some funds. Sounds good, hardware is a little sticky but should clean up great. Wrap is lifting...
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    Flat Ride

    got the itch for a flat ride, something pretty light ala K Light or Bos masters, 20 or 22
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    MIJ double tom holder rail consolette

    looking to replace a rail consolette on a MIJ kick. Need a double tom holder, spade style mounts. Anyone got anything like this?
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    Wanted: MIJ Rail Consolette Double Tom Holder

    looking to replace a rail consolette on a MIJ kick. Need a double tom holder, spade style mounts. Anyone got anything like this?
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    WTB Gretsch Black Nitron Toms (12x8, 14x14)

    Howdy Looking to build a kit around a bass drum that I have. Looking for 12x8 and 14x14 gretsch toms in black nitron ideally, or perhaps candidates for a rewrap.
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    22" Leather Cymbal Bag

    Anyone got something like this? A Cac Sac or something similiar?
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    DW ultra light snare stands

    looking for 2 DW 6300 ultra light snare stands
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    21" Zildjian Prototype

    Very cool Zildjian prototype here. 21" and 2120 grams. Maybe an early bounce ride or something like that? I'm not sure. Either way, it sounds cooler than those cymbals to my ears. Dark and pretty trashy, but not out of control. It's my main ride in these videos -- pardon the playing, these are...
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    Jazz fest

    60s ludwig jazz fest for sale, nickel hardware, painted white interior great sounding drum replaced the throw off with an INDe one, but I have the original and can swap back if you'd like. let me know if you have any questions. I have a video of the drum in action, PM if you'd like that. $300...
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    12" triple flange 6 lug hoops

    lookin for a pair of 12" triple flange 6 lug hoops. Condition doesnt really matter as long as they aren't warped. Ben
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    longer clubdate ft legs?

    Hey all I just got a club date kit. Looking to get longer floor tom legs. Anyone know where to get some that will fit the floor tom hardware?
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    Ludwig Mod Orange 60s Clubdate

    Hey all Got a 60s ludwig club date kit for sale. More info here - available with a matching 70's 13" rack tom if you're interested. Ben
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    drum throne

    need an extra one around. anyone selling a throne? Ben
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    Samson RSXM10a 800W 2-Way Active Stage Monitor (10" speaker) Got this up for sale. Sounds great, would be perfect addition to a home rehearsal space. Check out the listing for pictures. Price is negotiable for DFO members. Make me an offer! "Samson's RSXM10A 2-Way Active...
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    Ludwig tom L Arm

    looking to buy a Ludwig L arm for a 60s/70s tom mount.
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    Rogers black onyx players kit

    For sale or trade : Rogers players kit in that sweet sweet black onyx wrap. Sizes are 20x14, 13x9, 16x16. I bought the kick and floor tom together and later added the rack tom. A few issues with the drums when I bought them: The wrap on the kick and floor is not in great shape. There is a...
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    Black Onyx Rogers Rehab : Help Needed

    Howdy Got an extremely beat up collection of black onyx rogers orphans, 20 13 16. They sound great. Finally have some time this week to get to do some rehab. I'm not interested in rewrapping -- I bought the drums because I like the vibe. Mostly just interested in keeping the damage from getting...