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    1920's Ludwig Mahogany Super

    Absolutely Forget it Be patient and wait for a drum that is in collector's condition. You may have to spend a few bucks more, but you'll have a drum you'll be proud of. .
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    Roger Taylor kits

    I have my reservations about this movie, however, I highly recommend having a listen to Roger Taylor's drum solo from Keep Yourself Alive - from Live at the Hammersmith Odeon Christmas Eve 1975 His single stroke rolls are amazingly even Hopefully this link works
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    Roger Taylor kits

    Here is the Night at the Opera Kit Early 70's Ludwig mahogany 13" thermogloss Early 70 Ludwig 26 " (?) bass - maple thermogloss with mahogany hoops Early 70's Ludwig thermogloss floor toms 16 " + 20" (?) Premier Lock Fast Tom mount missing from the kit is the 14 x 14 (?) Meazzi floor tom which...
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    Roger Taylor kits

    He played with a Ludwig Speed King - He had an amazing right foot .
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    Roger Taylor kits

    As Phyllis Diller famously said "Aging is not for sissies."
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    Roger Taylor kits

    IMO Roger Taylor's two most interesting drum kits were Early 1970's Ludwig 13 / 16 / 18 / 24 finished in either black panther or black cortex This kit was probably used to record the album Queen I A Night at the Opera Kit This was mostly a singles kit put together from early 1970's Ludwigs...
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    Love me some UFiP

    + 1
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    Head recommendations for 1965 Ludwig "Ringo" Super Classic kit

    Suggest single ply heads with a textured coating. The question is which ones ? Modern Ludwig heads seem to be quite good However, modern Ludwig heads seem to difficult to find and are expensive. I guess the obvious question is which heads did Ringo use when he appeared on Ed Sullivan ? .
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    Ringo's Second Kit

    Just found these pictures showing the Premier Kit. This one is from 4 September 1962 - Tuesday E.M.I. Studios Abbey Road NW8 London The Cavern Club, Liverpool, Aug 62
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    Ludwig small arc spurs - reproductions

    Here is a pair of reproduction Ludwig small arc spurs. These are made from 5/16" stainless steel and the length is 12" or slightly longer. . Cost is $26 US + $9 US shipping from Ottawa, Canada. Payment from the US is by a US International Post Order Sorry not set up for paypal or EMT My...
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    Basement find- Ludwig & Ludwig - need some assistance

    Bun E., The night your band was scheduled to play here in Ottawa, we just arrived back in Ottawa, after vacationing in PEI (the east coast of Canada). I had one foot inside the door, and my Mom phoned and said there is a bad storm on the way. After getting off the phone, I went out side, and...
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    Ringo's Second Kit

    To add - I'm old enough to remember the Beatles playing on Ed Sullivan. With reference to the Beatles, my parents considered them a fad and questioned " How long do you think they will last for ? " 54 years latter ... .
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    What is your favorite bass drum and head set up

    Did you see my post above ? You've got to hear my 14 x 24" Leedy and Ludwig, with a calf skin on the resonant side, and an Evans EQ1 on the batter side, to even believe it. Dave's drum shop here in Ottawa, has a 14 x 22" Leedy & Ludwig bass drum, finished in Aqua Blue Glitter. Not sure the...
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    Ringo's Second Kit

    Baz, Love the farm land in Britain. I'd die happy if I had a view and the moderate climate like you have. We were in Exmore National Park last summer and it was heaven. As for Premier drums - the shells were beautifully and made from birch. The chrome plating on the hardware was miles better...
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    Cool Gretsch Kit in Canada

    Jazz Drum Guy, By any chance did you buy the 12 / 14 / 20 WFL blue sparkle drum kit from Dave ? If so, I bought the 12 and 14 shells from Cherie Willoughby drums, a ton of effort went into re building them. Note the WFL floor tom has 14" diameter but is 16" in length.
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    Value of this 1965 Ludwig set?

    I've seen blue hoops on dual coats and WFL's - but not 1960's WMP Ludwigs. Wondering someone transplanted the inlays into these hoops ? Most importantly - are the hoops on the 13 and 16 COB ? Does a magnet stick to the hoops on the 13 and 16 ? .
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    "63, 24" Ludwig Kick Drum?

    Looks like a fabulous kit. The lock system on the consolette looks correct. The badge in the middle of the floor is right. I've had a preserial bass drum with an unfinished maple interior. Four questions 1) Are there serial numbers on the badges ? 2) Wondering if there is a cymbal mount on...
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    Vintage Ludwig Jazzette questions - UPDATE - KIT IS DONE!!! Sound file

    I've read through quite a bit of this thread - but not all of it. The inner layer has bird's eye figuring - normally this is associated with sugar maple. However, it also has lots of small lines - which could indicate birch. The outer layer is mahogany. However, there are about 180...
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    OT-The Stock Market

    Unfortunately, I don't have a crystal ball. If interest rates are going up, will this affect disposable income and consumer spending ? Or is there pent up demand ? I have no idea. But the great Peter Lynch once asked how is massively large cap company going to continue to grow its revenue...