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  1. Bugford

    Combining hobbies

    I got those tom mics off ebay maybe three years ago, but they did not come with clips. I do have clips, and I'm using it on the floor tom. The problem I have using clips on smaller toms is that the weight of the mic deadens the tom somewhat IMHO. So on smaller toms I use a stand. None of it...
  2. Bugford

    Combining hobbies

    Over the past couple of years I've gotten in to photography and videography. Nothing spectacular, but it keeps me out of the saloons (literally). And since I started a new job last year, I've had to quit gigging almost entirely. So now I'm spending more time in the drum room, and playing...
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    A little kit and sunglasses

  4. Bugford

    In The Drum Room

  5. Bugford

    Who makes the best metronome / "click" device?

    I used to use a Yamaha Clickstation, but it broke several months ago. But I had just gotten an iPad, so I looked at several apps and found one called Tempo. For me, it actually works better than the Clickstation. Each tempo is very easy to program by name, and then arrange into set lists...
  6. Bugford

    Dimagg333 Account Suspended?

    Well I for one am PISSED, and I am going to have to totally rethink where I stand. I had assumed things like this would have been straitened out by now, but I was wrong. When I order my coffee black, that means I don't want cream! McDonalds sucks!
  7. Bugford

    Searching for a drummer...

    My advice would be to try and find a good drummer, but not nesessarily the perfect fit. You aren't getting married to the guy. You need a good competent drummer who shows up on time and isn't a jerk, and then let things move on from there. Jmo
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    Over-rated bands

    My tastes are so sophisticated, my musical appreciation so honed to a razor's edge, I could never like a band that is enjoyed by anyone other than me.
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    Over-rated bands

  10. Bugford

    UPS Out for Delivery

    I worked for UPS for a while, and this is how it works: the last scan that your package receives before delivery is when it arrives by semi at the distribution point. It is then considered "out for delivery." But your package still has to make its way through the facility and loaded into the...
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    Mic's That Ring When Tapped

    Check your gain.
  12. Bugford

    Interesting Craigslist Scam

    "Is your thing still available?" lol
  13. Bugford

    My 2013 resolution is to not buy any gear off DFO

    This is certainly a rare complaint here. Are you sure you aren't just a jerk? :)
  14. Bugford

    How Did Your NYE Gig Go?

    It went great, in spite of me being the only one not sick.
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    How do you count off the intro to a tune?

    I count off in my best German accent, ah one ah and ah two ah ...
  17. Bugford

    OT: Crop Circles

    Alien #1 – But once we get there, how will we communicate? Alien #2 – We shall take boards and ropes, and stomp intricate designs in their crop fields. Alien #1 – What if it is winter there? Alien #2 – Okay, we’ll go in the summer. Alien #1 – But where? Alien #2 – Well, it will have to be a...
  18. Bugford

    OFF TOPIC: Weather

    A sampling of that predictable Indianapolis weather over the years -- for the month of December only. 1970 AT INDIANAPOLIS...THE RECORD HIGH TEMPERATURE FOR THE DATE IS SET AT 70 DEGREES. 1886 AT INDIANAPOLIS...THE RECORD LOW TEMPERATURE FOR THE DATE IS SET AT -3 DEGREES. 1873...
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    OFF TOPIC: Weather

    I can't ever remember the weather being predictable. However, the amount of attention paid to its unpredictability has never been greater.
  20. Bugford

    show me where you practice!

    Drum room in basement. 11' X 15'