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  1. nickrobotron

    Drum Center of Portsmouth - PENDING Experience

    It's frustrating me that no one will take this guy's complaint seriously. I was frustrated reading it and probably would post something like this too. DCP probably made a mistake and I'm sure the OP would let it go if the response wasn't so defensive. I am personally a fan of DCP and they've...
  2. nickrobotron

    24” Agop Joey Waronker / 22” Xist Crash (Cracked)

    I’d be interested in the Xist, depending on weight.
  3. nickrobotron

    I ordered a Jenkins-Martin 3-piece drum kit.

    Thanks for all the nice words. I have really settled into this kit and am loving it more and more every day. The 12" tom is the best I have ever played. And since I've never played a 15" before this one, so is the 15"! I have never felt more inspired to build beats around tom parts. Is it...
  4. nickrobotron

    Your favorite underrated lines of drums.

    That's what I'm playing right now! I hope they catch on. I'd love to see and hear more on stage.
  5. nickrobotron

    Your favorite underrated lines of drums.

  6. nickrobotron

    Long time lurker - first time poster

    Awesome! What Paistes do you have?
  7. nickrobotron

    22" Sabian HHX Phoenix "Big and Ugly" Ride Cymbal

    Beautiful sounding cymbals, in my opinion. But yeah, they’re quiet. Maybe marketed wrong. We all know Sabian’s marketing is whack.
  8. nickrobotron

    New hats coming my way. Paiste 17" Rude Energy!

    I just pulled the trigger on a couple of crashes for a new dark country/grunge project (think Neil Young's ditch trilogy era). I went with the 17" Dark Energy Crash on top and 17" Rude Crash/Ride on bottom. It's like a more aggressive Steve Jordan set up. The Rude Crash/Ride cymbals kick ass as...
  9. nickrobotron

    Let's see those vibra slaps!

    I meant to say that I CAN'T hold it because I need my hands for the next beat. Is there a mount that you like?
  10. nickrobotron

    Let's see those vibra slaps!

    That thing really resonates when it's mounted. Sounds freaking sweet. I need to figure out a way to use mine on stage for just one hit... I use it on one freaking song and I need my hands on the very next beat so I can hold it.
  11. nickrobotron

    Sacrilege to drill out mounting hole?

    Just take your time and do it well, and in the end, you've made the world a better place. Just out of curiousity, what size/weight is this bad boy?
  12. nickrobotron

    Bosphorus 17 crash 1110g $150 vid sample

    I like that! Sounds like a 602 thin. The camera always adds a few grams.
  13. nickrobotron

    70’s Zildjian A 10” Thin Splash

    Still available. $50, shipped to your door. As long as your are in the states.
  14. nickrobotron

    Old Zildjian 20" K Light Ride - SOLD!

    Sold in 25 minutes. Cool. I love this place.
  15. nickrobotron

    Old Zildjian 20" K Light Ride - SOLD!

    You may remember this pie from last week. I bought it shortly after it was listed, mainly out of curiosity. It's lovely and sounds fantastic, but I'm a Paiste guy and don't really hang onto any Zildjians. So as nice as it is, it didn't sway me to sell all of my Paistes and convert to Zildjian...
  16. nickrobotron

    SOLD: Paiste Signature Traditionals 17 inch Thin Crash

    Ah snap. I just came back to buy this. Who snagged it? I would love to be next in line if the new owner decides to part ways with it.
  17. nickrobotron

    Your favorite underrated lines of drums.

    Oh yeah. I forgot about Premier. The Premier Projectors were incredible drums. Especially the later ones.
  18. nickrobotron

    Your favorite underrated lines of drums.

    I'm really fascinated by the lines of drums that people praise so highly, yet have such little value. Maybe it's just nostalgia for everyone, but it seems like everyone has had or heard a set that they thought really kicked ass. Models that come to mind are: Pearl Fiberglass/Wood kit Pearl...