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    Paiste 2002 24" ride WTB

    Heard one the other day and loved the sound. Just too pricey new. Anyone have a used one they'd like to let go?
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    What kind of Paiste is this?

    I'm looking for a power ride and saw this one, but the only printing is the blue Paiste. Can anyone tell from the hammering? 2000? Power or Heavy?
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    Sabian AAX Studio Hats info

    Would like to know any info on these as I can’t find much other than they are thinner than the Stage Hats. I’m a pretty light player and do more recording than live work so I wanted some quiet hats. Tried out the Sand Hats at GC but they weren’t for me. But ended up really liking a 15" pair of...
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    1967 Ludwig Set

    I just finished restoring this thing and recorded the drums to this song. I swapped out the snare (too big sounding!) for a 12" Pork Pie 'Lil squealer. Ended up sounding like an old school hip hop beat. Listen to it when you want to relax :angel3...
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    How to remove vintage tom post bracket?

    Trying to remove this post bracket since the hardware is vibrating. However, since the drum was painted on the inside, paint dried on the bolt and the top side is rounded and doesn't have a phillips or flathead groove to hold it in place. I was able to get on off because I was able to get...
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    Best way to paint vintage bass drum hoop?

    I'd like to repaint this bass drum hoop, but am wondering what the best way would be. 1. Remove the stripe in the middle, sand then paint. or 2. Tape off one side, sand and paint. Then tape off other side and sand/paint.
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    FOUND Ludwig double tom post from 60s or 70s

    Looking for a double tom post for a 67’ Ludwig kick.
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    Vintage Ludwig Info?

    I've always regretted selling my old orange sparkle Ludwig set when I was younger. Now that I'm old myself, I'd like to get an old Ludwig kit again to match. I found this one local listed for $450. I'm not a collector so as long as they look ok and sound good, I'll be happy. But since I don't...