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    Greenbrier Music 10% off every in stock item!!!

    Hello DFO Members! We finally have our full website,, up and running and to celebrate we are putting into effect a 10% off coupon code for DFO Members! Just type in "DFO10" into the coupon code box at checkout to receive 10% off your entire order! We have a wide selection...
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    Sabian HHX Evolution 5pc Set // AAX 5pc Promotional Pack

    <p>This promotion has ended.</p>
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    Sabian HHX Evolution Cymbal Set / Pack -5 Pc Set- Used Sale for DFO Members!

    Hello again DFO members! I want to offer all of the DFO members out there an exclusive price on our DEMO stock of this cymbal set. Normally these are available through our store for $850.00 but, to compliment our current sale that we have on them, we want to get them to you for $750.00 with...
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    Clearence! Tama Silverstar 5pc Limited Edition Matte Tamo Ash (22" Kit)

    Hello again DFO members! We have just recently moved this beautiful set to CLEARANCE this weekend only for DFO! Tama Silverstar 5pc Limited Edition Matte Tamo Ash (22" Kit) Give us a call at 540.372.DRUM or email us at and mention you are a forum member to...
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    Terry Bozzio kit for sale!

    Hi everyone, Recently we had Terry Bozzio come in to our store to play for a clinic. Now the signed kit is up for sale! Check it our here
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    Cool Percussion instruments

    Check out these awesome new Meinl percussion items we have just got in. As always, Send us a message at or give us a ring at 540.372.3786 for more information!
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    Ludwig USA Keystone

    Hi everyone, Check out our Ludwig Keystone drum kits! Please call us at 540.372.Drum or email us at for more information and awesome prices.
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    Alex Acuna

    Hey everyone, Alex Acuna dropped by our warehouse and played on a bunch of our Gon Bops equipment! Check it out! If you find anything you like please message us at or call at 540.372.DRUM
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    Awesome Roland triggers and kits

    Hey guys, Thought we'd drop by and let you all know we recently got a killer selection of Roland triggers as well as a few new kits. Check them out! If you are interested give us a call at 540-3723786 and tell us you came from the forum and we'll give you amazing prices...
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    Amazing Gretsch New Classics Available

    Hello all, Happy Friday! Just stopping by to tell you Greenbrier Music has a ton of fantastic Gretsch New Classics to choose from if you are in the market for an awesome kit. We've got 3pc and 4pc Bop sets available in a variety of finishes as well as extra add on toms and snares to go with...
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    Large Selection of Meinl Cymbal Tradeshow Stock

    Greetings from Greenbrier Music! Wanted to let everyone know we just got in an unreal selection of Meinl tradeshow cymbal stock from the recent NAMM show. We've got everything from Byzance to Gen-X at amazing prices and would love to hook you all up with some great steals. Check them out here...
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    Grestch USA Custom

  13. GreenbrierMusic

    Gretsch USA Customs

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    Gretsch Renown 57 Motor City Blue w/ Matching Throne

    Hello Drum Forum people! We just had a pretty outstanding deal drop into our laps with the Gretsch Renown 57 Motor City Blue drum set with matching throne. This: Motor City Blue Kit is our listing for it with the video. Now, don't you dare buy that listing. Send me a PM and I can give you...
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    Greenbrier Music Deals!!

    Sale is over. Thanks! Feel free to contact me directly with any needs.
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    Miscellaneous Meinls

    Moved over to the sale section where it should be. If a moderator comes by and can delete this topic that would be great. Sorry for the mistake!