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  1. icebone

    Jim Gordon – Full Interview – Tape A Side A

    I saw Jim play with Delaney and Bonnie, traffic, at the lighthouse with Tim Weisberg who he produced spied on him on sessions at Aand M studios, watched a Jackson Browne gig and listened to everything he played on. My favorite being Mad Dogs and Englishmen where he was at a real peak playing...
  2. icebone

    Jim Gordon – Full Interview – Tape A Side A

    Jim was one of my biggest influences growing up in los angeles. I still try to cop his feel. Great touch on everything. Cymbals like a jazz drummer drums clear and clean played with great time and feel. he was a good producer and writer, not just a drummer. Thanks for posting he deserves to be...
  3. icebone

    zildjian rock21

    early rock 21's were nothing like the later rock 21 I have found the earlier ones to be a medium weight, Buddy played one for a while when they first came out.
  4. icebone

    zildjian rock21

    the rock 21 is sort of like the 21 sweet ride nothing terribly special about them. just an A with a bigger bell for that time period. I used them when they were new. its a nostalgia thing for me.thanks gary
  5. icebone

    zildjian rock21

    hello im looking for an original rock 21 with the rock21 logo on it let me know Gary
  6. icebone

    ludwig thermogloss 24" hoop

    I have a single Ludwig 24" hoop from a thermogloss bass drum. Anyone need one ? not sure on a price but its clean and i do not need it any longer. Gary
  7. icebone

    Fred Below

    yes he played A's but did it really matter ? Fred played music !!
  8. icebone

    SOLD: 1982 Ludwig Black Cortex B/O - 12, 13, 16, 22

    Sent a pm Gary
  9. icebone

    yamaha 80's tour custom 12" tom

    looking for a yamaha 80's tour custom 12" tom in black .thanks
  10. icebone

    yamaha tour custom 80's 20x14 bass drum

    hello drummers I am looking for a yamaha tour custom 80's 20x14 bass drum, A beech custom the same size will work as well. Thanks
  11. icebone

    less is more

    less is more
  12. icebone

    SOLD Gretsch New Classic 10,12,14,20

    im here in los angeles please send me a personal message
  13. icebone

    gretsch rosewood 16x16

    yes looking for a gretsch rosewood 16x16, thanks
  14. icebone

    yamaha tour custom 80's

    looking for a 14x20 bass drum. thanks. black would be great.
  15. icebone

    22" K Heavy Ride

    yes the 22 k heavy ride is a great cymbal, calling it heavy is sort of a misnomer gives the wrong idea of how versatile a cymbal it truly is
  16. icebone

    22" K Heavy Ride

    thats me playing in the video for exotic guitars gary ferguson
  17. icebone

    22" K Heavy Ride

    k 22 heavy ride
  18. icebone

    WTB: Gretsch USA Custom bass drum in Millenium Maple

    I have a 14x22 in rosewood
  19. icebone

    rogers cleveland era WMP

    This kit is still available any takers ???