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    Anybody using grip tape on your sticks?

    I've tried both tape and dip-coated sticks, but it seems like if I play a 4-hour gig, I have pain under my fingernails, like it pulls my skin too taut underneath...I dunno, maybe it's just 'cause I'm old and my skin is thin, LOL
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    Roland SPD-30 help needed - re: Phrases

    So, I have a Roland SPD-30, v.2.02, and I'm using it for live performances along with my acoustic kit. I have a few phrases (loops) in it that I'm using as well, but I can't seem to easily get OUT of the loop or phrase mode and back to just the kits when I'm done with the phrase. I can start...
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    My favorite Ringo clip ...

    Where's that 'like' button? Oh, wait.... :drunken:
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    Bad week on ebay

    This type of thing is only one of the many reasons why I am SO DONE with eBay.
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    Club Owner's Response

    Here in central Missouri, the cover bands work for money and the original bands work for basically no pay. The 3 bands I play in all do a mix of covers and originals, and the crowds are hit-and-miss. Depends on what else is going on at any given night. One of the hottest bands playing locally...
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    Innovation - totally new use for a cymbal!

    I didn't have a China cymbal, but that would have made it even better!
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    Innovation - totally new use for a cymbal!

    Last night I was cooking on the wok...and realized I didn't have the cover! A little improvisation, and I was in business! Zildjian Chicken, anyone?
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    Anybody cover this ? Got me scratchin my head....

    So, Benny, how'd you do? The song definitely has some deceptively complicated stuff going on...did you nail it?
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    Now there's some sad thing known to man...

    I can't even count the number of things I've let go of, and later regretted...and not only drums... :unsure:
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    St. Louis (area) DFO GTG July 15th

    Damn, so sorry I missed it! My son got stuck way out of town and couldn't get home, his ride bailed on him, so good ol' Dad wound up driving 8 hours that day...I got home around seven, exhausted...really wanted to go, too...dammit!
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    102 Degrees

    We played outside July 3, at 4 p.m...the thermometer in my car said 106...and we haven't had rain in over a month...the last 11 days straight its been over 100 degrees...I detest playing outside in the summer...but, I still do it, lol....
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    CL post 'drummer wanted'

    I have to tell ya, I'd audition for that gig in a heartbeat. If you don't like the gig or the people, pass on their offer. But the gig sounds like a lot of fun to me, if its what they,say it is.
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    Wishbone Ash

    One of my all time favorite bands. Seen them numerous times over the years. Great band!
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    A "What The Crap" moment

    Two things: I love throwing sticks up and catching them, its just entertainment, after all, but one night I threw a little too hard and it stuck in the suspended ceiling. Another time, same club, the six-foot-five bass player's hairpiece got caught on a little piece of wire hanging off a...
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    I Bought a Bumper Sticker Today

    I had one made years ago that said "master beater" but so few people "got it" I took it off...I thought it was witty...
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    Where are you at as a drummer? The same? Improving? Getting worse? Why?

    I'm not as good as I should be. But at 58 years old, in 45+ years of playing, I get a lot of sit in gigs and play with three bands. I'm happy with my playing because, although not technically proficient, I make my bandmates comfortable. That makes me happy.
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    St. Louis (area) DFO GTG July 15th

    It's on my calendar....looking forward to meeting you folks!
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    St. Louis (area) DFO GTG July 15th

    Mr. Sparkle, PM sent!
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    St. Louis (area) DFO GTG July 15th

    PM me an address.