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  1. madchops82

    Date of this military drum?

    Wondering if anyone knew about this drum. I'd like to think it was early 1800s, though it's probably 100 years later. I'm not an expert on these guys. I'll try to get better pics. Maybe the sticks will help to date. Thanks in advance!
  2. madchops82

    40s 50s wmp 16 in RK floor tom

  3. madchops82

    Very old cymbal markings id?

    Wondering if anyone can id these old pies. Not sure from which pair these are from, or the exact age. Thanks in advance!!
  4. madchops82

    Brass supra?

    Thinking it may be. Not sure...I see something behind that knob:)...
  5. madchops82

    Leedy or pre badge Slingerland 12 + 14 BDP

  6. madchops82

    1920s early 1930s wrap

    Gold, silver, peacock, etc. Enough to do a 6.5x14 Whatchoo got?
  7. madchops82

    Value Check on Isle 26in. Gretsch stop sign.

    I`ve been collecting drums for about 17 years. That`s almost half my existence. In that time, I`ve seen (to my recollection) one 26 stop sign bass drum, besides my own, and it was swiss cheese. I have a 12, 13, 16, 26 kit from 1975 or so. Champagne sparkle. VGC. For every 100 bop kits...
  8. madchops82

    3 NOS Pearl Throw offs

    Three throws. $80 shipped. One is very cool.
  9. madchops82

    8-10 tube lug 20s ludwig wood snare player

  10. madchops82

    What brand is this old L arm?

    Does anyone know the brand of this l arm. It's old and well built. Not sure what it is. Thanks!!
  11. madchops82

    Paiste symphonic Traditionals 18 pair w. Stand

    These retail for a good bit. Make me a nice offer
  12. madchops82

    Latin percussion bell tree

    Looks very nice in the house. Sounds pretty too! 130 shipped
  13. madchops82

    Rare Tama Artwood 11 lug snare drum

    Have it listed on eBay. $325 obo here.
  14. madchops82

    Rhythmtec Ribbon Crasher

    20+ship. A cool piece!!
  15. madchops82

    Tama lugs needed and identification

    Hi gang. Just purchased these two Tama snares. I need a couple lugs. Wondering if anyone has any floating around. Thanks much!! Also wondering what they are.
  16. madchops82

    14in K Zildjian Hi Hars

    Nice condition, gigged for 3 years. Real workhorses. $200 shipped No cracks or keyholes
  17. madchops82

    Istanbul origins 22in light ride NEW

    New Istanbul 22in light Origins ride cymbal. Great for all styles, especially jazz. $320 shipped. Never played.
  18. madchops82

    16 Rogers new mahogany

    Would be great!!
  19. madchops82

    Trixon 21.5 16.5 13 1950s green sparkle No Extra Holes

    This set is pretty cool. No extra holes, and shells are sound. Green shows some cancer, but seems much much deeper than USA drums of the era. Missing mufflers on the 13 and 16, though they can be found on John Grey drums of the era. I have access to a sets worth on a grey my friend has, so I...
  20. madchops82

    Premier Mayfair snare throwoff

    A longshot