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  1. Targalx

    Buy/Play/Pass: Which lower-priced kit would you & why?

    Here are your choices — from three major Japanese brands — in alphabetical order, all links/info per at the moment: Pearl Decade Maple 3-Piece Shell Pack $679 TAMA Superstar Classic 5-Piece Shell Pack $799...
  2. Targalx

    Which of you are songwriters?

    And, by songwriting, I mean lyrics, melody and chordal structure. I know, I’m going to get drummers saying “I write my drum parts in my band and therefore I am a songwriter, too” to which I say, let me know how that goes when you collect your songwriting royalties. Us drummers are always going...
  3. Targalx

    Any of you have a one-trip kit?

    I have my entire kit on one cart and all the hardware in the HW bag. Pulled both of them (actually, I pushed the cart while I pulled the bag) at the same time down the sidewalks to and from the venue. Yes, it's a true 1-trip kit! Yamaha Recording Custom 22/12/14 with SD495 snare, FP9 pedal...
  4. Targalx

    Are YOU the best musician in your band?

    Fortunately, these days, I'm playing with musicians who are either at my level or above my level. But, I've been in previous band situations where, not to brag, but I was clearly the most competent musician in the room. I felt like, as the guy behind the kit, I could hear things that the others...
  5. Targalx

    Does anyone still like the '90s rock snare sound?

    Think tighter tuning, resonant, cracking snare sounds...
  6. Targalx

    Sabian 19" Vault Crash

    Pulled the trigger somewhat impulsively on the purchase of a Sabian 19" Vault Crash. Never played one before, should be delivered in about a week. Any thoughts on these? The specs seem interesting to me, the videos on YouTube were pretty good. Anyone play these? I have a 19" Vault Artisan which...
  7. Targalx

    Reed Mullin (COC) R.I.P.

    Reed Mullin from Corrision of Conformity has died at 53. R.I.P. to yet another hard rocking, metal drumming legend.
  8. Targalx

    What Caused Drummers to Start to Seek Vintage Drums?

    I was watching a Rick Beato video tonight and they were talking about how guitarists in the 1970s started seeking guitars from the '50s and '60s because the major manufacturers in the 1970s weren't making new guitars with the same quality or playability or materials as those they produced 10 or...
  9. Targalx

    Quit your career and just drum full time?

    Has anyone here kissed a longtime professional career of some kind goodbye and went full-time drummer? I am not considering doing this, because I actually really like my day job. But I would like to read some stories of those who kicked their non-music careers to the curb to become full-time...
  10. Targalx

    Gig etiquette: When do you "force" the other drummer off the stage?

    I am sometimes the 2nd or 3rd or even 4th band on the bill at a small venue or bar where there's no stage manager or bands with roadies. As such, there's another drummer playing before me. When that drummer is done with their performance, they sometimes take FOREVER to offload from the stage...
  11. Targalx

    1 gig: 100 songs, 4+ hours of rock drumming!

    I had the great fortune of witnessing Guided By Voices play a 100-song marathon last night with virtually no breaks, except to stop for a couple minutes for the New Year's countdown (they even kept things sort of rolling even when one of the guitarists stopped to use the restroom well into the...
  12. Targalx

    What spare stuff do you bring to the gig?

    I always bring a spare snare and spare kick pedal. (And plenty of spare sticks in the stick bag — at least 5-6 pair of new sticks.) That's about it. Anyone bring anything besides (or in addition to) the aforementioned? Curious as to why, too.
  13. Targalx

    At what year does "vintage" end?

    (This might've been discussed here before, so I'm sorry if I'm rehashing an old discussion.) What is the universally accepted (or universally argued) year or decade threshold or cut-off for what constitutes "vintage drums" these days? And I can imagine the accepted cut-off for "vintage" moves...
  14. Targalx

    Practice Drums Alone or Only With a Band?

    I'm sure this has been discussed in threads of yore ad nauseam, but I'm bringing it back up for the newbies like myself... I hate playing drums by myself. Like, I'll get about 10-15 minutes in, and that's about it. Sticks down, get up, walk away. I will not sit at a kit in a room all alone for...
  15. Targalx

    Pearl-style pipe tom mounts... yes or no?

    I haven't played a kit with the big Pearl-style pipe tom mounts in a while, but did so at a rehearsal studio recently. No matter how hard I tried to work with the pipe-mount adjustments, I couldn't get my rack tom positioned where I like it. I must admit, they do make for a very steady and...
  16. Targalx

    Yamaha DTX760HWK

    Hi all, I just bought my first real electronic kit, a Yamaha DTX760HWK. I haven't had much time to spend with it yet, but I would appreciate any tips, cool ideas, advice, things to try, from those who are experienced with the Yamaha DTX 700 series. What are some cool things you're doing with...
  17. Targalx

    How do you NOT lose your drum key?

    I think I’ve lost at least 30 drum keys, which equates to one per year of my drumming. Perhaps not a bad average? I leave them on the floor/riser/rug on stage, on the rehearsal room rental kit, in the stacks of drum cases backstage, in the rented tour van, at the hotel we’re at for the night...
  18. Targalx

    Ping-iest ride?

    I LOVE a ride that has a really loud, cutting PING. I never crash on my rides, I always play on the surface of the ride or the bell. I currently have a 22" AAX Metal Ride that I sent to Sabian to have it refreshed with a Brilliant finish. It is very pingy. But it is still not as pingy as my...
  19. Targalx

    1980s gated reverb on snare - video!

    Have you seen this video explaining the fascination in the 1980s of slathering gated reverb on the drum kit? What do you think? (Sorry if this has been posted before.)
  20. Targalx

    2B...or not 2B (sticks)?

    I've been using 2B sticks as my primary rock stick model now for 15, maybe 20 years now? I switched from Vic Firth Metal N sticks to 2Bs for a couple reasons: The Metal N sticks were a tad too long and I found that it was hampering my ability to get around the kit with the speed and finesse that...