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    Any ideas for soft rock brush work with solid backbeat?

    Found the following lesson by Stewart Jean which has been very useful: But, looking for more ideas to help me develop my own templates for improvised patterns. Background: 1. The covers band I’m in plays everything...
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    China for quiet riding - suggestions?

    What should I audition for quiet jazz and soft pop / rock? Obviously thinking along the lines of something even sounding and controllable - maybe a 14” Paiste of some sort?
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    3 leg hi hat stand: base plate vs radius rods

    Background: Am wanting to upgrade my very basic Gibraltar direct chain drive hi hat to one with: a) faster, more precise response, and b) a longer pedal so I can do fast heel-splash / toe-chick ostinatos without having to angle my foot back and forth, which I find very tiring. Sometimes I have...
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    Need help learning comping with brushes

    Lead singer of a recently formed pop music acoustic sextet I‘ve joined is a brushes nut. He’s asked me to only play with brushes for almost everything we play. The thing is, he’s asking me to comp with “fancy” brushwork but my experience playing with brushes is extremely limited. Am very...
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    Foot splash / foot chick ostinatos - hi hat stand recommendations.

    Currently using a standard Gibraltar hi hat stand and wanting to do better. I play splashes by jamming the edge of my shoe heel sideways onto my pedal, otherwise the chain and mechanism gets in the way of my toe. Does anyone find they do better with a long footboard, so you don’t have to go at...