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  1. 1966bmx

    Back from the Grave

    WOW those are stunners !!!!!!
  2. 1966bmx

    70’s Niles Bop Kit

    It is up on eBay either still or again with a make offer feature .
  3. 1966bmx

    Gretsch RB 12x20 bass - correct size?

    Those look cool . Copper Mist was paint like Cadillac Green not a wrap . It is my understanding that some were painted over wrap .
  4. 1966bmx

    What are some “sleeper” great vintage drums?

    1950s and 1960s US made Kent drums fit that bill for sure they have a very Grtesch-esq sound with more resonance . I have MANY sets and they never disappoint .
  5. 1966bmx

    Rogers Swiv-O-Matic spurs on Slingerland bass?

    Yes these would have been installed at the drum shop but not at the Slingerland factory .
  6. 1966bmx

    Updated New Pics - Gretsch people...what is going on with this round badge floor Tom!?!?

    Does it have snare beds cut into it too ?
  7. 1966bmx

    Gretsch RB 12x20 bass - correct size?

    Loving those !
  8. 1966bmx

    Gretsch RB 12x20 bass - correct size?

    I would not worry about it I bet it sounds amazing . Please post a pic the these drums .
  9. 1966bmx

    Gretsch RB 12x20 bass - correct size?

    Yep they exist and are rare .
  10. 1966bmx

    Wuhan Cymbals

    Yep he is an amazing friend and one of my all time favorite people . It is funny we hardly ever talk about that "little" band he is in we mostly geek out on vintage Jazz drum sets , cymbals and bebop music . Thank you again my new friend .
  11. 1966bmx

    Wuhan Cymbals

    Hey Mark , I just got those cymbals that ES had you pick pick out and send to me . They sound really cool and will be getting a ton of use . I added 3 rivets to that 21' crash/ride today actually , a very cool dark trashy Elvin Jones vibe Thanks for picking these out for me I appreciate it ...
  12. 1966bmx

    Camco Bop Kit

    Actually longer than that Tom . October 2017 and it is still played everyday .
  13. 1966bmx

    My small score - Kent/Paramount Snare w/Duco Finish

    It is just really patina'd nickel .
  14. 1966bmx

    Camco Bop Kit

    I just missed a stop sign one on eBay recently . I really needed it for my set
  15. 1966bmx

    Camco Bop Kit

    WOW I need one for my Gretsch BOP set in walnut .
  16. 1966bmx

    Camco Bop Kit

    Is that snare a round badge or stop sign badge ?
  17. 1966bmx

    Snare drum lug ID help, please.

    As stated above they are snare drum lugs and also used on center lug bass drums and toms .
  18. 1966bmx

    Weekend Rogers Find

    Nice , The classic American Variety Pack I like that ! I have Kent , Gretsch ,Slingerland , Rogers and Camco all Jazz-bop sets .... Damn it didn't seem like a lot until I wrote it down .
  19. 1966bmx

    Any good professional place that rewraps drums in SoCal area?

    Chris is the best !
  20. 1966bmx

    Camco Tuxedo Badge Location?

    My Oaklawn Aristocrat bass drum badge is at the rear and the first generation post tom mount is mount up front .