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  1. kevin klever

    From The Practice Room: Base Five Rudiments

    These are great. Can't tell you how many pages of 5tuplet stickings like this I've written out over the years. Nice stuff, will take these into the shed. Dig that quadruple paradiddle. I like the 3 consecutive strokes on the first ten stroke roll there also. Shakes things up a bit in double...
  2. kevin klever

    Calabria Custom 20.5" and 18" crash/rides.

    Pretty sure Ariel started making/modding cymbals independently before pretty much anyone else was in the game other than Spizzichino, Mike Skiba and Johan VDS. Maybe I'm wrong on my timeline, but it was definitely around the same time that the "second wave" of independent cymbalsmiths emerged...
  3. kevin klever

    Gretsch tangerine glass glitter microbop

    Awesome! Good call on not installing any mounting hardware on the 12. With a 16" bd, the tom sits right in the perfect spot on a snare stand. Bet that 3 ply bd sounds insane!
  4. kevin klever

    22” Avedis Zildjian 50’s Block Stamp THIN (2270g)

    Nice weight for a 22 block. What's the story with the patina? Never seen an Old A with that kind of dark patina. Did someone apply that at some point? Maybe a previous owner had really grubby fingers. Looks awesome.
  5. kevin klever

    Unique 1950s Gretsch 3ply 20-14-12-4x14 Red Sparkle

    I had a 20/12/14 3 ply set for a few years. Original owner had removed the wrap and finished the shells in a natural stain. They sounded very different from the 6 ply+die cast hoop Gretschs. Deeper tone and rounder overall sound. Those drums absolutely killed. Especially the bass drum. Like it...
  6. kevin klever


    Beautiful! And here's some super top-secret insider info that jazz dudes don't want the rock dudes to know - You can totally crank up a 22/13/16 roundbadge set and play bebop on it and with your eyes closed it sounds exactly the same as a 18/12/14. At 1/4 of the price!
  7. kevin klever

    SOLD!!! HEARTBEAT CYMBALS—Handmade in Turkey

    Heartbeat cymbals are made by Istanbul Mehmet so they're great quality. Heartbeat is a company based outside of Vancouver - They started off as the Canadian distributor for Istanbul Agop, Peace drums, and a few others. Eventually Noel, the owner, wanted to release his own line of custom cymbals...
  8. kevin klever

    12" and 13" Gretsch round badge toms

    Bump, still looking!
  9. kevin klever

    SOLD! Slingerland Hollywood Ace snare drum

    I just got a 5.5 hollywood ace last week. Has a terrible cheapo Japanese aftermarket strainer on it, and the snare wires are toast. Despite that it sounds fantastic and is a blast to play. Makes me sound like Max Roach! This is a total steal for this gorgeous drum. Someone get it!
  10. kevin klever

    Gord Downie/Tragically Hip

    Just to add to all this - I believe Gord's greatest contribution has been his solo material, starting with the masterpiece record Coke Machine Glow. The Hip have always been a favourite of mine since I was a kid, but Gordie's solo records are some deep poetry, with gorgeous, engaging production...
  11. kevin klever

    SOLD 1950's Zildjian 22" Large Stamp Ride Cymbal

    Sweet. PMed ya!
  12. kevin klever

    12" and 13" Gretsch round badge toms

    Any finish, any condition. Thanks!
  13. kevin klever

    22" early 50s ('52-'54) large stamp (2" tall) ride cymbal

    Looks nice. Got a weight for it?
  14. kevin klever

    SOLD!! WFL 1955 Super Classics All Original w/calf skins-near mint!

    Wowow. That's the beginning and end of all rock drumsets. Nothing else comes close.
  15. kevin klever

    20" Spizzichino 1863g

    1350 shipped worldwide. Photobucket sucks so all the pics disappeared but dig the video and lemme know if you want pics emailed to you.
  16. kevin klever

    20" Spizzichino 1863g

    Bump and price drop on this fine fine jazz ride. $1400 USD shipped in North America. Add $25 for worldwide shipping. Thanks!
  17. kevin klever

    20" Spizzichino 1863g

    I've got a few months of touring with creative projects ahead of me so I'm moving some bronze to help raise some funds. First up is this killing Turkish Spizzichino. Definite Elvin vibe if you were to throw some rivets in there, but it sounds perfect without. Rich mid-range wash and clicky...
  18. kevin klever

    14" K Zildjian Istanbul OS hats

    One last bump + price drop, $700 shipped in North America, paypal gift. Been playing these a lot and planning on keeping them, but I just bought two 22s from Craig Lauritsen so I could use the bread. Go!