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  1. rpludwig

    30 degree roundover edge question

    +1 for Whiteside's bits...
  2. rpludwig

    30 degree roundover edge question

    it's been awhile, but IIRC, a 60* for the inside cut and a 3/16 roundover for the outside cut...BUT don't wreck a shell based on this advice, practice on a piece of scrap wood first...believe that's what I used on get the proper 30* chamfer & roundover as original...
  3. rpludwig

    Idris Muhammad

    my favorite Idris w/Ahmad, 2005 Poinciana...splendid, tasteful, elegant, simply the best version of it I've ever seen...damn nice venue too! He cuts loose ~4:50....watchit!!! (great openhanded independence workout, that 3 on the hat takes some practice, try it!)
  4. rpludwig

    California Quakes and You

    Experienced one many yrs ago in Mexico, no fun... wife grew up in Ridgecrest, visited there just last week, dodged a bullet!!
  5. rpludwig

    Ot St. Louis guys..finally our blues!!!

    Great series, Binnington stood on his head last nite! Tough to beat a HOT goalie!
  6. rpludwig

    $80 garage sale score

    Good grief! I don't have a vehicle big enuff to haul that home, but would rent a moving van if necessary! Easily the makings of 3 kits there, including a bop kit if you wanted to go that route!
  7. rpludwig


    well, now there's some real provenance! I apologize for my doubtful statement, how lucky your were to study with him! I met with him once, early 60's, but never took him up on his joint venture drum school with Cozy (should have!) Bet those lessons are ingrained in your mind, note for...
  8. rpludwig

    1950s Gretsch BDP Bass Drum Shell Rehab Begins!

    the challenge with whatever you use is to hold it flush with the OUTSIDE of the shell so your wrap patch sits flush with the adjacent wrap...don't know how you'd do that with bondo, wood filler or anything else other than carefully fit dowels....yea, it's tedious but the end result is worth it...
  9. rpludwig

    1950s Gretsch BDP Bass Drum Shell Rehab Begins!

    Regarding dowels flush on inside, go longer and cut off close with a dremel inside shell, prefit tight dry fit, and then hand sand down b4 gluing as necessary, inside and outside the shell. A lot of trial & error, tedious and precise, but end result is worth it....patience pays...If holes are...
  10. rpludwig

    1950s Gretsch BDP Bass Drum Shell Rehab Begins!

    Just dowel the xtra holes flush with the outside of the shell, get some scrap bdp wrap, carefully cut to appropriate size and glue in place...hard to find 'em in the second pic. Certainly would be less conspicuous with bdp...
  11. rpludwig


    es....sorry, missed that....yup! the BG kit...
  12. rpludwig


    I don't remember Gene as any sort of a gear head or one who tweaked a snare or bass beyond what he happened to have on hand or what Slingerland supplied...sure he may have had a stash in the basement, but to him, I suspect it was just that, gear/leftovers....isn't there a GK kit in the Smithsonian?
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    agree, can't see GK sitting behind that mess...nor playing a parade drum, even in his basement! ....just sayin' (and silly prices IMO)
  14. rpludwig

    Big Band Lovers ---- these are barely high school students!

    Good Grief!!!!!!!! no wonder Buddy did just fine with "youngsters"! Thx for posting this, outstanding!!!!
  15. rpludwig

    Slingerland Bass Drum Hoop Inlay

    glass glitter may be too thick, you don't want the inlay to be proud of the hoop surface for sure!
  16. rpludwig

    Best way to paint vintage bass drum hoop?

    JP...nice work, same methods, they're twins, same mounts, same rail, same color (except your's are Gretsch!!), wanna trade even up for some Kents?? LOL
  17. rpludwig

    Best way to paint vintage bass drum hoop?

    my method: Remove inlay if possible, sand to 320, use lacquer, not enamel, 2 lite coats, reapply inlay with contact's a link, scroll thru to the hoop pics on an old Kent kit, (they were toast as the b4 pics show), might help some...same process I used on a Slingy kit...
  18. rpludwig

    Another horribly engraved drum!

    beauteous!....curious how long does it take you to do a given drum, and is it all hand work or machine?
  19. rpludwig

    Flat rides

    Have a k custom 18 flat, one rivet, (sometimes 2), as a LSR, great for quiet jazz trio gigs....bonus, I mount my splash upside down on top of it with a felt between, one less bracket/mount for the splash to mess with, one less wingnut to lose!...I like flats for their stick definition in the...