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  1. The Whale

    What's going on with Paiste?

    I've always gotten the impression that Paiste sells most their gear outside the US. Zildjain and Sabian are just to strong here.
  2. The Whale

    Tama Starcast Mounts 14" and 16"

    LOL! If I know slippy they are looooooong gone!
  3. The Whale

    Sabians 21" AAX Memphis Ride $175

    Here is the ride. I believe the hats and crash are spoken for.
  4. The Whale

    Sabians for trade. Monarch Hats & Concept Crash

    At the moment these are all still available if anyone is interested.
  5. The Whale

    Sabians 21" AAX Memphis Ride $175

    I'll check and get pictures for all for everyone.
  6. The Whale

    Sabians for trade. Monarch Hats & Concept Crash

    Sabian 14" Monarch Hats. Perfect condition. Sabian 17" AAX Concept Crash. Like new. I'm looking for a Zildjian Ride and crashes.
  7. The Whale

    Sabians 21" AAX Memphis Ride $175

    Sabian 21" AAX Memphis Ride. Excellent used condition $175 shipped
  8. The Whale

    Byzance Foundry Reserve - new Meinl series

    Nice for sure but honestly I prefer the sound of the Vintage Sand pies more.
  9. The Whale

    Blind Recording - Paiste v Ist Mehmet

    I'm almost cretin that the 2nd is Paiste. They sound more to my liking. The 1st sounds very very washy. I think if the Paiste's where Dark Energy they would have been much more comparable in sound. Thanks for sharing with us.
  10. The Whale

    Acro ID and value?

    Thats the thing I've seen 60's acro's go for $275 - $299 in the last month on ebay. And g/o's going for almost $200!? and the next day go for $100.... And just yesterday I picked up a total players b/0 for $50... So now the 64' is definitely being sold.
  11. The Whale

    Acro ID and value?

    Yeah the ebay prices for Acro's are crazy right now. I'm really having a hard time deciding weather to keep, sell or trade this thing. Typically I'm not a vintage guy. I like my snare drums 13x6 and maple. This isn't even close to that but it sure does sound good!
  12. The Whale

    Bad ebay seller

    Yeah I don't mean to come off as a jerk but it sounds like you where hoping to get a RWB Maple Classic Snare (a $400 snare) for under $200 and when it didn't pan out you want your money back. Granted if its not a Ludwig and is not what was advertised you still deserve a refund. But lets...
  13. The Whale

    Acro ID and value?

    So if I was going to put it on ebay or Reverb what would be a good price point to start at?
  14. The Whale

    Acro ID and value?

    So I used this this morning and have to say it caught me off guard. Amazing sounding snare. I'm not a big vintage drum guy. I guess I don't understand why I see people buying these for $250 to $300 on eBay when the blue olive ones go for $80 - $100. What gives?
  15. The Whale

    Acro ID and value?

    So would called it a "404" be accurate?
  16. The Whale

    Acro ID and value?

    I just picked this up. The seller said it is a 67' 404. Sound right? It also has a vintage Diecast hoop on the batter side. There is no date on it at all and the badge serial # is 88XXX. thanks for any help!
  17. The Whale

    Ludwig The Brick 14 x 7 20 ply Snare sell or trade

    Great snare! Overkill for the small church I play in. Hardly used and has no issues. $175 shipped. Paypal and continental 48 states only please. Thanks!
  18. The Whale

    Sabian HH EQ 14" hats for somthing darker w/ more wash

    These are long gone.
  19. The Whale

    *SOLD THANK YOU*21" Sabian AA Ride *LOWER PRICE NOW $100.00 + Shipping

    From the underside it looks like it was brilliant. This is probably a great sounding ride. What a steal.