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  1. florian1

    Ranking Double-Pedal Drummers -- Updated with Top 11

    Gavin Harrison - Porcupine Tree Craig Blundell - Steven Wilson band two absolute masters of the double bass
  2. florian1

    Jenkins-Martin vs. good wood shelled drums: Need serious reviews and comparisons

    I have Bradys, Sonor Artist series and boutique wood snares...I also have 2 J-M snares 14 x 5 and 14 x 6.5. What is on my snare stand the last year? J-M 14 x 6.5. So very versatile and light! I will have a full set of JMs someday, but for now Im completely sold on their snares. F
  3. florian1

    Tackle box for storing small essential items and gigging?

    Yup, keep spares for just about everything in a tackle box in the van - heads, springs, felts, sleeves - etc. Never know when youll need something, better to be prepared. F
  4. florian1

    Updating Title: Digital Mixer - Soundcraft Ui16

    There is a Midas dealer here in town selling the MR-18 for 600+ bux, way less than Sweetwater. I picked it up instead of the XR18 and there is definitely a difference between the two. Our rock band uses the Behringer and our country band uses the Midas. The warmth and output db difference is...
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    Unix Stave Walnut Drums

    Francois makes some fantastic tubs. I have his first ever piece, s/n 0001 - maple snare. Its a great snare. Id love to buy a full set someday F
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    OT: Am I crazy - ride an 883 Sportster across the country?

    spare your ass and spine the pain. I rode a Wide Glide around Lake Erie...worst idea I ever had. Also, see your dentist before you go...make sure your fillings are packed tightly as that rattle trap will vibrate them out at speed. Pack that bike in the trailer and make it a city bike. Full...
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    Drummer Just like His Dad, Phil Collins

    enjoy that hair while you can, kid. BTW, your sister is smokin hot. F
  8. florian1

    Nord 3p w/Roland KT-10 pedal

    last bump before Reverb...any offers?
  9. florian1

    Nord 3P w/Roland KT-10 pedal

    last bump before Reverb....any offers?
  10. florian1

    What setup do you bring to club/bar/restaurant gigs?

    Country band - 22/12/16 Rock band - 22/10/12/16 F
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    Nord 3P w/Roland KT-10 pedal

    bump - still accepting offers...hit me up, this stuff has to go. F
  12. florian1

    Nord 3p w/Roland KT-10 pedal

    make me an offer I cant refuse... F
  13. florian1

    Nord 3P w/Roland KT-10 pedal

    make me an offer I cant refuse. F
  14. florian1

    Nord 3P w/Roland KT-10 pedal

    weekend bump
  15. florian1

    Nord 3p w/Roland KT-10 pedal

    UPDATED! Selling both pedal and Nord for 700 shipped CONUS!
  16. florian1

    Nord 3P w/Roland KT-10 pedal

    UPDATE! Will sell both the pedal and the Nord for 700 shipped CONUS. Monster deal! F
  17. florian1

    Channeling Max Weinberg

    not a Max fan at all - I always felt he was one of those "right time, right place" guys - not a great drummer, but good enough to get the job.
  18. florian1

    fill-in gig questions...would you??

    Unless youre filling in for Charlie Watts, otherwise no.
  19. florian1

    Bass drum pillow

    Ive got an Evans EQ pillow that was used sitting unused, if you want it. Just pay for shipping. F
  20. florian1

    SOLD: Earthworks DK25/R Drum Kit Microphone System

    dynomite mics! Ive used them before and they provide AWESOME true mics on the planet. F