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  1. Patrick

    pre serial 20" Paiste 602 med. ride

    You done good.
  2. Patrick

    Hayman sighting: Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen

    I think it was polyurethane on the interiors. I did that once to my old orphan Ludwig kit. Sparked up the kick and toms. Folks used to borrow them for recordings.
  3. Patrick

    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    This past fall I bought a Paiste 602 20” Ride, “Outline” stamp Black Label with Paiste polished out, only “Formula 602” remains Serial number 308027 I think this represents a 1973 cymbal. Nice cymbal for a lot of situations, though my other go to ride is a Zildjian K Pre-Aged Dry Light Ride and...
  4. Patrick

    Hardware bag

    I like protection racket for my drum cases. I used their hardware cases for quite a few years, with no probs but the general sagging of the hardware case and the eventual failure of the zippers--all sped on by my own overstuffing the bags. I have moved on to the Ahead Hardware Sleds. They are...
  5. Patrick

    OT: The Sax instead of guitar solo.

    One of my favourites: and one more: I played with a sax player who came up through the 60's playing the sharp (guitar) keys, this isn't typical for sax players working traditionally in the flat keys. I recall when he came on board with one of my bands, he said, "Last one hired, first one...
  6. Patrick

    Was the Late Johnny Hutch the Beatles' First Choice to Replace Pete Best?

    Yeah , The Fourth Beatle is on my list as well. Not cheap though , $70 Cdn. Apparently it does a good accounting of their struggles to land a good drummer. Something like 24 before Ringo, but that probably incorporates a bunch of one offs.
  7. Patrick

    New Tama Direct Drive pedal

    Very interesting. I'll have to keep my eye out for one. My Yamaha Direct Drive Flying Tiger pedal is one of my favourite pedals (which came with a big felt beater), after an Asba Caroline (strap drive).
  8. Patrick

    Gear that lasts

    I have a lot of heavy duty Pearl stands that have held up almost too well--I wish they were lighter. I have a mish mash of lighter stands from DW and Ludwig that I don't particularly trust, mostly because of the light grade connections to the posts. I wish I didn't like and trust heavier...
  9. Patrick

    Who Gigged On New Year's Eve?

    I had two gigs: The first was an easy 2-3 gig where we played and sang unplugged. (Piano, bass, drums, five singers.) Later on, I played a community hall gig with a good country band. The floor was full from the first note. I love playing for dancers. Got home by 2pm.
  10. Patrick

    Sonny Payne fun

    I thought the grumbling about Sonny Payne's drumming came from within the band. I know I've seen the quotes somewhere along the line--probably the horn players. He was brilliant with the band.
  11. Patrick

    Ann Lantree RIP
  12. Patrick

    Brush Recommendations

    I agree on the VF Heritage, very sweet brushes. They have become my go to. I've given up on everything but the Hamilton brushes by Regal Tip. Much as I love playing them, after a set or two my hands look as though I have been changing tires. I'll put that down to my own corrosive nature but the...
  13. Patrick

    The 'oldest' cymbal in your collection (you've owned the longest)

    A pair of Istanbul Zildjian Hi hat cymbals and a ride probably early 60's--bought in the early 70's. I just put the ride back up with my practice kit. Probably because it was my first really good cymbal, it set the template for what I've liked to play and hear.
  14. Patrick

    Best throne?

    I have both a Roc N Sock round seat and saddle seat. For me, the round seat works better. I get needles and pins in my legs from saddle seats (various models). I haven't invested in a back rest--though they work great for me. I've been through a few drum stools over the years, one of my...
  15. Patrick

    Tom tuning theory fromRick Beato

    I tension my drums at home in the living room following most of the usual protocols--but I have cloth ears and the living room is a small space. I always need to retension when I first take a drum from living room to gig.
  16. Patrick

    The story behind Charlie Watts’ hi hat technique

    I dig Charlie Watts throughout his career. He's not a gob-smacking jazz drummer, but he swings. The high-hat lift is a useful tool. He uses it brilliantly.
  17. Patrick

    What Vintage snare still eludes you ?

    I'd like a Royal Ace. But I don't need another snare drum.....
  18. Patrick

    Is a Double Chain Bass Drum Pedal Better tha a Single Chain

    I'm not sure double chains help unless you are dealing with chains failing.I tend to play my Tama Camco (single chain) a lot. Excellent response. My DW 9000 (double chain), had a good run of gigs even though I never liked it as much. Despite the all in all superior ergonomics re hoop clamp and...
  19. Patrick

    Is it jsut me or are 13" toms a B&^%% to tune?

    I generally play a 13/16" tom set up with 20/22/24" kicks. I tend to leave the smaller toms at home. I enjoy the spread between a 13 and a 16 and the visceral pleasure that comes with a thump from a slightly detuned 13" in just the right spot.