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    Drum Company Flops!

    Verisonic still makes those sticks. When I was in jr high, the local hot shot drummer in the local hot shot rock band used them - very flashy, so naturally I got a pair when I started playing. The original version had a problem with the tip coming loose (but never off) making them feel and sound...
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    Triggers and form over function.

    This guy seems like he's mastered it:
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    Mitch and Carmine

    I believe so.
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    Pearl lock problem

    I'm having problems getting the tongue on the Pearl memory lock on my tom post to fit into the groove into the bass drum tom receiver mount (BB-3, BB-300). When I put the lock into the bass drum mount by itself, no problem - it fits snug and flush. But when I put it on the 7/8" tom pipe and...
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    Triggers and form over function.

    Exactly. Why not take advantage of the possibilities that e-drums offer? You don't need all that furniture.
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    Triggers and form over function.

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    Two shell banks instead of eight different kits?

    Somewhat similar. All carbon fiber drums (except for the concert tom, which is fiberglass): 20 & 22 kicks; 14 & 16 floors; 8 concert tom; 10 & 12 standard racks; 10,12,14 short stacks - all toms take 10.5mm L- rod mounting post. Plus 8,10,12 DW piccolo toms & 13 Pearl flat timbale, all with...
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    Jerry Garcia died 24 years ago today.....

    What does the CIA or federal govt gain from soaking the population in acid?
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    The 3 most popular bass drum pedals today.

    I think the All-time Award for "Who?" could have gone to Premier, the percussive masters of mystery.
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    Accompanying an acoustic guitarist

    I'll repeat my opinion that if the other guy's got a little amp/PA (a la Bose L1), going with a Handsonic/KAT multipad/Wavedrum/Octapad w/ or w/o a kick pedal would give you more sonic options than a handfull of miscellaneous stuff. If someone's a diehard acoustic kind of guy (I often count...
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    Accompanying an acoustic guitarist

    Given your stated possibilities, I'd say the KAT multipad (or something similar like a Korg Wave drum or an octapad) would be your best bet.
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    Lightweight snare stands

    Best kept secret: old Rogers Memriloc snare stands are fairly lightweight and super robust. They'll only hold drums between 12 and 15" (which covers most drums except 10" snares), and if you're snare is in that range, I'd recommend them. Great design and totally stable (which the Tama is not due...
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    Michael EFFING Derosier

    Don't know all the particulars, but I seem to recall there was some animosity among the members of Heart, which is why Ann and Nancy are working with other people and these guys started Heart to Heart. I don't really see H2H as the typical tribute band - they've got original members and most...
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    Let's see those vibra slaps!

    When I came across street party back in Mexico last year I saw a guy playing a jawbone like that; he was playing with a couple of acoustic guitars and another percussionist and a bunch of people were singing. They were obviously hobbyist players, but it was interesting to see someone actually...
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    Dynamics and PA Support

    That's interesting - I do the opposite. I hit softer during sound check so I know (or have a a better chance) that my quieter playing will come through. One thing I really like about playing jazz as opposed to rock is that I feel like everything I play is heard, which I don't think is always...
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    Black Dots

    Wasn't there a recent thread that mentioned that Charlie's switched from Black Dots to something else?
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    What setup do you bring to club/bar/restaurant gigs?

    A 4-piece with two cymbals (16c, 18 sizzle ride + hats) is all I ever use anymore for 95% of my gigs - generally don't need more than that. In my case, it comes in two flavors: Tama Metro Jam (16k/10,13f) or my carbon fiber set (20k/12,14f). If I'm doing a jazz gig, I'll swap out the crash for...
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    21st century KC

    I'm guessing this was the encore - very hard to follow something like this. Gavin is a beast.
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    heads and risers for 16" bass drum

    Re heads for a 16" w/ metal hoops, I use either a clear Remo PS4 or - since Aquarian's started making them for standard metal tom hoops - a clear Super Kick I. I also sometimes put some styrofoam peanuts in the kick to kill some of the ring.