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  1. Ken

    Rogers three ply shells

    Is it true that rogers three plys were actually maple, birch and maple and not maple popular and maple?
  2. Ken

    New Rogers drum shells

    What? New drums. Seems like they are struggling getting the Roger's name out to the younger drummers. Marketing is a work in progress. Thanks
  3. Ken

    New Rogers drum shells

    Any word on when these will be available?
  4. Ken

    Has anyone seen and tried the new Rogers hardware.

    Cymbal stands, throne and high hat looks good and the prices are good. I did not notice any memery locks in the photos.
  5. Ken

    Rogers Dyno Matic

    How's the Dynomatic pedal?
  6. Ken

    Seeking recommendations for a quiet venue sensitive snare

    Dynasonic super sensitive at all volumes.
  7. Ken

    Which Snare - Jazz / Cabaret

    Wood Dynasonic- unbelievable response even at low volumes.
  8. Ken

    Rogers Dyno Matic

    Has anyone tried the new Rogers Dyno Matic
  9. Ken

    Dyno Matic

    Has anyone tried the new Rogers Dyno Matic bass drum pedal? Review please
  10. Ken

    who is phil ambros?

    Everyone's his best friend and buddy. Has no idea what he is talking about. Ego number 1. Sad!!
  11. Ken

    Simmons SD 550

    Does anyone have a review on these? Simmons SD 550
  12. Ken

    New Rogers Snare?!?!

    I thought Dixon was the company making these reproductions
  13. Ken

    Dixon Rogers

    What ever happened to Dixon buying Rogers ? Last I saw they made a proto type of the dynasonic.
  14. Ken

    Dixon / Rogers

    Anything new on Dixon purchasing Rogers name.
  15. Ken

    DW True Sonic

    Have any of you Rogers fans tried this drum out. How does it compare to the Dynasonic?
  16. Ken

    Rogers name no longer owned by Yamaha

    Yes they did . Gene headed that up. I was looking good for a while until Yamaha step in.
  17. Ken

    best horn section-1970 to current-rock/r & b

    Blues Brothers - Marini, Malone, Rubin plus others.
  18. Ken

    Is it me or has the bottom dropped out of the vintage drum market?

    python is right. Patience is a virtue. This too shall pass.
  19. Ken

    Suggestions for 18 inch bass drum riser, please.

    Mapex is the way to go. Great adjustments.
  20. Ken

    13 inch hats