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    *SOLD* Slingerland silver sparkle floor tom - 14x14"

    This is a players drum that has some issues and needs a lil TLC. Pre-badge era. Silver sparkle wrap is nice and vibrant w/ really no fading. No muffler. One hoops is COB, the other is COS - both hoops are in round. Legs appear original and are straight w/ typical cosmetic wear [rubber feet may...
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    WTB - Slingerland WMP bass drum - 22 or 24"

    Looking for one w/ light fade/yellowing. Player grade or incomplete is fine. 3 or 5 ply is also fine. No 20", please. Please MESSAGE me, as I don't really follow the threads or alerts. Thanks!
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    Ludwig black galaxy snare drum

    VG condition. No issues. Appears to be 100% original. Strainer and muffler work well. Includes a Ludwig vacum practice pad. $185.00, includes shipping to lower 48. Please PM me if interested.
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    *SOLD* Slingerland COB 6.5x14" snare drum

    6.5x14". 10 lugs. VG/exc condition. 100% original except for one tension rod and the bottom head. Wires are a lil worn but do the trick. Strainer and muffler work well. COS hoops. Has been detailed and looks FANTASTIC! Sounds as good as it looks! $250.00 OBO, includes shipping to lower 48...
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    *sold* Slingerland silver sparkle 14" floor tom

    Here's the link - Will do $225.00 for D.F.O members, which includes shipping to lower 48. Please PM me if interested. Thanks!
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    Vintage tama swingstar wrap question

    I picked up a MIJ swingstar set which I believe is mid 80s (stairstep lugs, black flying T badge) I used it on a gig a while back and dug it, but I bought it to be my leave in the van during the winter kit - and Minnesota winters are stupid cold. (My living situation dictates I have to leave...
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    Is the zoomatic strainer gig worthy?

    I just picked up a 70s 6.5x14 COB snare that sounds great. Has a zoomatic strainer - which is in good shape and works well - but I've read they can be problematic. My gear gets gigged pretty hard. Should I take the plunge with the zoomy? Thanks in advance!
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    *SOLD* Slingerland BDP set - 13/16/22"

    Here's the link - Happy to do $500 for DFO folk, which includes shipping to lower 48. Please PM me if interested.
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    Question(s) for gretsch renown owners

    I'm a vintage guy who gigs regularly and am usually unmic-ed and often get buried in the mix. I'm not a patty-paw but have been really been hitting harder than I'd like to just keep up, volume wise. I've played a few "modern" backline sets and they seem to have much more projection and...
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    *SOLD* Slingerland WMP 3 ply Artist snare drum

    Good/VG condition. 3 ply. 5.5x14". Shell is in-round w/ nice edges. Top hoop is COB, bottom is COS - both are stick-savers but unsure which one, if either, are original. Strainer works well but tension rod is slightly bent. Muffler works well. All tension rods are slingerland, all are straight...
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    SOLD 14x14" blue satin flame mystery drum

    The seller I got this from claims it's a keller shell that he wrapped to match a Slingerland blue satin flame set. I have no way of verifying that - but I can verify the following: - Shell is in-round w/ good bearing edges - Lugs are Slingerland and *appears* shell was professionally drilled...
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    Replacement tension rods for center lug bass drum

    Hiya, I'm having trouble finding 7"[ish] long tension rods that will work on a Ludwig club date/Slingy stage band bass drum. I've tried the usual suspects [drum factory direct, lone star, etc] with no luck. I'm looking for new square head rods, not repo T handle or used. Anyone have any...
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    SOLD - Vintage Ludwig club dates - 12 & 20"

    Here's a link to my reverb listing - Happy to do $500.00, shipped to lower 48 for members here. Please PM me if interested. Thanks!
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    SOLD - Ludwig vintage supraphonic snare drum

    Good overall condition w/ some typical wear. All original except for heads and new pink Ludwig snare cord. Edges are good, hoops are in round, tension rods have their original washers - except for two that have new replacements. Muffler and strainer work well. Shell has some random pitting, and...
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    Rogers xp8 question

    Hi all, Does anyone know if rogers produced 16" deep xp8 bass drums? I've never seen any Rogers bass drum deeper than 14", but 16" deep would make sense as it was becoming popular during the xp8s run. Thanks!
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    Snare beds?

    I have a 1960s Olympic (premier) snare. 3 ply birch with beech rerings. It just doesn't sound as good as I think it probably should. The beds on it are barely there and very wide. Wondering if having my local drumsmith cut new beds would make a difference? Should I bother? Thanks in advance.
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    Slingerland "deluxe student" snare drum

    Here's an odd one.... "Deluxe student" model w/ a 5 ply shell! 5x14". [it's actually more like 5 1/4" deep.] It's in nice overall shape w/ typical signs of use. No extra holes. Edges are VG. Heads fit on just a tad snug, but shell is in-round and drum tunes right up and resonates as it should...
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    Rogers superten vs Tama imperialstar snare

    In the market for a nice - yet affordable - steel snare. I've owned supertens and loved them. Wondering how the king-beat era imperialstar stack up against them? Anyone have experience with both? Thanks.
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    Olympic drums anyone?

    So I'm in the process of selling my 70s blue silk Olympics. They're killer looking and sounding tubs (same 3 ply birch shells as premier) and I'm getting zero interest. I think they're priced very fair. I know vintage premier doesn't get the love (or prices) they should, and apparently Olympic...
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    SOLD Vintage Olympic drum set

    9x13/16x16/14x22". Swanky "blue silk" wrap. 3 ply Finnish birch shells w/ beech rerings [same as vintage premier from the same era] There are no extra holes or mods. All shells are in round w/ exc bearing edges and their original hoops. All batter heads are new or near-new. All res heads are...