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    Are any classic rockers worth seeing anymore in 2019?

    Richard Thompson is still fantastic live.
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    20" Murat Diril Mosaic crash

    iPad video now available in the Reverb listing.
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    20" Murat Diril Mosaic crash

    I have this up for $250 + shipping on Reverb, but I'd take $250 including shipping within the CONUS if I can sell it here and avoid Reverb fees. I don't have a soundfile available now.
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    What an underrated snare drum

    I picked up one of those cheap and put some diecast hoops on it. Now it's my main snare.
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    Phenomenal Debut Albums

    Gang of Four - Entertainment! This Heat - This Heat Pere Ubu - The Modern Dance Psychedelic Furs - The Psychedelic Furs Wire - Pink Flag
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    Phenominal Last Albums

    Blackstar by Bowie
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    Phenomenal Debut Albums

    Some that haven’t been mentioned: Pink Floyd - Piper at the Gates of Dawn Roxy Music Eno - Here Come the Warm Jets Patti Smith - Horses Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bullocks Television - Marquee Moon P J Harvey - Dry
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Gaye Su Akyol. If The Roadhouse in Twin Peaks was in Turkey instead of Washington, this would be the house band.
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    Sabian SBR hi hat. 2 top, no bottom ?

    Before New Beats, matched-weight hi hats were common. If you're looking for a washy, sloshy hat sound, they're better than New Beats. If you want something crisper with more chick and projection, then you need a heavier bottom. I have a set of early 60's A Zildjians where both cymbals weigh...
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    Ringo sitting in with Paul last night

    Sgt Pepper Reprise and a blistering version of Helter Skelter.
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    Soultone / Amedia connection?

    Soultone were originally re-branded Masterwork (as were Buzin), but many reports are that they aren’t Masterwork these days, or at least not exclusively.
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    22” Bosphorus Master Ride - 2198g

    iPad video, so not the best sound quality. I don’t think my downstairs neighbors were home, but I still didn’t play loud or long just in case.
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    Soultone / Amedia connection?

    Does anyone know if Soultone sometimes uses Amedia to make their cymbals? The reason I ask is because I’ve only ever seen this font stamped on those two brands.
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    22” Bosphorus Master Ride - 2198g

    I’ll try to make a video soon, when the neighbors aren’t around.
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    22” Bosphorus Master Ride - 2198g

    For sale is a 22” Bosphorus Masters ride cymbal. Weighing just under 2200 grams, this is a very versatile cymbal that works as well for pop, indie, blues, R&B, etc., as it does for jazz. The only reason I’m selling it is because it’s similar to another cymbal I own and I don’t need both. Very...
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    Amazon deals thread

    The same seller has the top cymbal only for sale for the same price on Reverb, so I assume it's an error in the amazon listing:
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    eBay/Craigslist cymbal alerts - the official thread

    22" Istanbul Mehmet Kirkor Kucukyan Tribute ride: $200 + shipping
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    Impression Ride Cymbals

    iPad videos shot in my apartment so I couldn’t play loud. Not the best sound quality, but they give you an idea of what they sound like. 22”: 21”:
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    Impression Ride Cymbals

    For sale are two Impression ride cymbals. Impression Cymbals is a cymbal company formed by three cymbal makers at Bosphorus. They also developed the Crescent cymbal line with Jeff Hamilton and Stanton Moore, which was later bought by Sabian. 22” paper thin ride. This cymbal is from their...
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