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  1. RobJoanisse

    Looking for a 22" Paiste 602 Cymbal

    Does anyone have a Paiste 22" 602 thin ride cymbal for sale? I'm looking for one in the 2500-2700 gram range.
  2. RobJoanisse

    Bearing Edge Question

    I'm wondering if anyone on here can help me. I have a 60's Gretsch round badge bass drum that I plan on rewrapping. The edges were not flat, so I flattened them on a truing table with sandpaper adhered to the table. Then I checked to see if outer shell walls were square with the table and...
  3. RobJoanisse

    Ottaviano 22" New Process Ride

    This is an amazing hand made cymbal from cymbal maker Justin Ottaviano. Weight is 2464 grams, and has three rivets. There are no issues with this cymbal. SOLD
  4. RobJoanisse

    Paiste 22" Masters Dark Crisp Ride

    Anyone have one for sale or trade. I live in Canada. Cheers.
  5. RobJoanisse


    Here's a nice dry one weighing in at 1846 g. It currently has two rivets installed and has no issues. Asking $275 USD plus shipping from Canada.
  6. RobJoanisse

    Calling All Paiste Experts

    Anyone know if theres a difference between the 20 Masters Twenty Sweet Bluebird and the 20 Masters Mellow Bluebird cymbals? Has anyone played both of them?
  7. RobJoanisse

    Paiste 20” Mellow Bluebird Ride

    Anyone have one for sale/trade?
  8. RobJoanisse

    Gretsch Toms

    Im looking for a 12x8 and 14x14 Gretsch 1980s square badge toms in walnut finish. Anybody?
  9. RobJoanisse

    Gretsch Parts Wanted

    I'm wondering if anyone has any of following for sale: 2 x 12" Gretsch die cast hoops 2 x 14" (8 hole) Gretsch die cast hoops 26 small Gretsch Lugs 8 Gretsch Claws 1 Gretsch Bass Drum Tom Holder Mounting Plate (GS-4945) 1 Gretsch double tom holder 2 18" Bass Drum Hoops (unfinished)
  10. RobJoanisse

    Gretsch Stop Sign Badge(s)

    Hey all, does anyone have Drop G 1981 stop sign badges for sale? I'm looking for 3. Cheers.
  11. RobJoanisse

    Yamaha SD-493 3.5"x14" Brass Piccolo Snare Drum

    Great snare drum here. One of the lugs has some duct tape to prevent the threaded insert from falling out of the lug. Otherwise, the drum works as expected. Comes with original aluminum die cast hoops and the strainer works very well. Asking $275 plus shipping from Canada for DFO members
  12. RobJoanisse

    Zildjian 22" EAK Jazz Ride

    Here's a nice 22" EAK weighing 2624 grams. SOLD. PM any questions. Thanks.
  13. RobJoanisse

    Zildjian 20" K Custom Dry Complex Ride II

    Weighing in at 1952 grams. There's a small notch on the mounting hole that was there when I bought the cymbal off Reverb last year and as far as I can tell (using a magnifying glass) there are no cracks. SOLD
  14. RobJoanisse

    Zildjian K Constantinople 14" Hi Hats 922/1158 g.

    SOLD Weights are 922 g over 1158 g.
  15. RobJoanisse


    Asking $340 shipped from Canada for this cymbal. Weight is 2290 grams.
  16. RobJoanisse

    Istanbul Pre-Split 21" Mel Lewis Ride 2170 g

    SOLD Weight is 2170 grams.
  17. RobJoanisse

    Sonor 5x14 Vintage Seamless Ferromanganese Snare Drum

    Here's a nice vintage 70's Sonor Ferromanganese snare drum. 5x14 seamless shell, 10 lugs, fairly certain it's all original except for the batter head, which is a lightly used Remo coated controlled sound Ambassador. An excellent all around drum that sounds kind of like a Ludwig Supraphonic on...
  18. RobJoanisse

    Oriollo Phantom 55 Snare Drum

    Here's a 5.5"x14" aluminum shell snare drum with eight lugs. SOLD
  19. RobJoanisse

    Gretsch 8"x14" Snare Drum

    Here's an 80's 8"x14" Gretsch Snare in Black Ebony Stain. The top hoop is not the original one, and there are some scratches and nicks in the finish as seen in some of the photos. Asking $350 plus shipping from Canada.
  20. RobJoanisse

    Agop Signature 13" Hi Hats

    I'm looking for a pair of medium weight 13 inch Agop signature hi hats. Anyone have a pair they want to sell?