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  1. fatchoppers

    eBay special paiste

    What’s wrong with this shirt ? lol
  2. fatchoppers

    Paiste 602 15 hi hats blue label

    Blue label medium hi hats Very nice shape Almost perfect except very minor bell ding on top and teenie weenie micro ding on bottom cymbal Very clean strong labels. Sound amazing. 425 shipped USA
  3. fatchoppers

    Tama Starclassic Snare RARE Antique White Sparkle

    6x14 birch bubinga snare Discontinued color $325 pick up in Farmingdale
  4. fatchoppers

    2 large Soultone cymbals 23

    I have a 23 custom and 23 gospel big bell ride. 200 each. New condition.
  5. fatchoppers

    Clearing out My Drum Sets

    As title says. Clearing out my stock Too much stuff to post pics and stuff all at once Liberty Gold Sparkle 18x22 16x16 13 rack mint as new 800 Pdp concept birch new in box 20 14 12 cherry to black 350 no snare Tama swingstar. Have 2 of these 1 with power toms the other with reg toms...
  6. fatchoppers

    Rant Every band same S---

    Why is it every band i play in there is that one guy that feels he is the only one qualified to pick songs that will go over well????
  7. fatchoppers

    Vintage drum ? What is it

    Anyone recognize these lugs
  8. fatchoppers

    Meinl 15 Extra Dry Dual Hi hats

    Used set of Meinl dual hi hats 15 Some patina on top Cymbal and minor logo fade Smooth edge no keyhole $400 Pick up Farmingdale NY
  9. fatchoppers

    SOLD Zildjian EAK 20

    Eak heavy 2774g Minor keyhole. Otherwise excellent
  10. fatchoppers

    Paiste Holy Grail 15 SE Hats

    ooooohhhhhh ahhhhhh Although i dont see serial numbers i can see the big 2002 etch. Thoughts?
  11. fatchoppers

    Paiste 2002 16 crash

    110 shipped lower 48
  12. fatchoppers

    My Paiste Sound Creations dark heavy hi hats

    My Sc dark heavy 14" For 15" modern essentials hi hats or meinl dual hats
  13. fatchoppers

    NEW project Pearl Drums

    Picked a new low end kit but looking fwd to cleaning them up. The snare is a 10 lugger :)
  14. fatchoppers

    $165 Paiste Dimensions Power Bell Ride

    power bell ride in very nice shape 175 shipped Lower 48 USA
  15. fatchoppers

    ZILDJIAN Day In NY prototypes

    What do u think of the pricing on these prototypes?
  16. fatchoppers

    What brand are these ? HELP ID

    Please ID I have a set of these. They fit vintage Tama lugs
  17. fatchoppers

    SOLD PDP Concept new 24 16 12

    brand new in a box tom mount and floor tom legs included pearlescent black
  18. fatchoppers

    Ludwig long lugs vintage kit

    ever see these look like 80's maple
  19. fatchoppers

    Anatolian baris 17

    Quick sample of the Anatolian Baris crash 17
  20. fatchoppers

    Thinning herd Tama Saturns Liberty UK

    Feeler post Have to thin out Mapex Saturn natural 22 16 12 hit the heads a few months and put back in storage 600 Liberty 22 16 13 orage sparkle. Same deal 725 Tama swingstar aspen white 22 16 13 12 I Have 2 sets 1 power tom kit and one regular depths t badge 200 each All shell packs