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  1. WGMitch

    Axis Longboards - Double pedal - Price lowered! $155 shipped - SOLD!

    Pedal has signs of use, but is in excellent working condition. These things are tanks! $185 $155 shipped TYD, lower 48. No trades.
  2. WGMitch

    Tama Speed Cobra 910 - bearing wobble

    I picked up a used Speed Cobra double pedal and the bearing for the second pedal is very loose and has a lot of play. I haven't messed with it too much yet, but I was wondering if anyone has seen this before on these pedals?
  3. WGMitch

    Tascam 1800 Audio Interface and CAD Drum Mics - For Sale

    Maybe it's time to mic up your drums and record?
  4. WGMitch

    SOLD - CAD Drum Mics - For Sale

    CAD Drum Mics with case 1 Snare drum mic - SN210 1 Bass drum mic - KM212 3 tom mics - TM211 2 tom mics - D29 1 condenser mic - CM217 This is the Pro-7 kit, but has two extra tom mics (D29), but missing one condenser mic. $125 $115 $95 shipped lower 48, paypal only. PM me if interested.
  5. WGMitch

    SOLD - Tascam US-1800 16x4 USB 2.0 Audio Interface - For Sale

    Tascam Audio Interface Excellent condition! Use for home recording. Original box. DOES NOT include software. Including 9 cables. The US-1800 audio interface from TASCAM offers more inputs than any interface in its class. Up to 16 inputs and 4 outputs are transmitted to Mac or Windows over...
  6. WGMitch

    Ludwig Rocker Brass Snare Drum 6.5 x 14 - SOLD!

    Ludwig 6.5 x 14 Rocker Brass Snare drum for sale Excellent condition! Black and White badge $175 shipped TYD, lower 48
  7. WGMitch

    Ludwig Aluminum Acrolite - 5 x 14 - For Sale

    Ludwig Acrolite snare drum. It is in really good condition. It has an after market muffler added. $150 $135 shipped TYD, lower 48.
  8. WGMitch

    SOLD - Ludwig Black Beauty - For Sale - 6.5 x 14 - SOLD

    Ludwig Black Beauty - Excellent condition. Blue and Olive badge I am the second owner and I have never played this drum. $525 shipped to your door, lower 48
  9. WGMitch

    DrumCraft 6.5 x 14 Aluminum Snare - SOLD

    DrumCraft 6.5 x 14 Aluminum Snare - For Sale Excellent condition! Cast aluminum, brushed satin hardware. Very heavy drum. I am the original owner. $250 shipped TYD, lower 48.
  10. WGMitch

    DrumCraft Series 7 Maple - 14" x 6 1/2" - For Sale - SOLD!

    DrumCraft Series 7 Maple - 14" x 6 1/2" - Liquid Lava Excellent condition! Shells made from the finest quality hand-selected Maple 14-Inch x 6.5-Inch Snare Nickel Drumworks Throw Off 2.5mm Projection Hoops enhances tuning stability Remo USA Heads I am the original owner Shipped in original...
  11. WGMitch

    DrumCraft Lignum Beech Snare 14" x 6" - SOLD!

    DrumCraft Lignum Beech Snare 14"x6", Natural Gloss Excellent condition! Features: Manufacturer: DrumCraft Shell Hardware: Chrome Number of Lugs per Side: 10 Shell Thickness (mm): 2.5 Number of Wood Layers: 12 I'm the original owner Shipped in original packaging $225 $200 TYD, lower 48 No...
  12. WGMitch

    Noble And Cooley CD Maple Snare Drum 6.5x14 - SOLD!

    Noble And Cooley CD Maple Snare Drum 6.5x14 Excellent condition! $425 $350 shipped TYD lower 48. No trades please. I bought this back in April on here and never played it.
  13. WGMitch

    Sold! - DW Design Series Maple Snare Drum 5 x 14 - SOLD!

    DW Design Series Snare drum 5 x 14 - North American Maple Tobacco Burst finish. Mag throw off. Excellent condition with tags still on it. Original DW heads in excellent condition. $225 shipped lower 48.
  14. WGMitch

    Paiste 14" Signature Fast Crash - $110

    Paiste 14" Signature Fast Crash Excellent condition. $110 shipped lower 48.
  15. WGMitch

    SOLD! Pacific by Drum Workshop "Woody" 14 x 5.5 Snare Drum

    SX Series Pacific snare drum by Drum Workshop Excellent condition! Classic Woody Evans Hazy 300 reso and Pure Sound snares Evans G1 coated on batter side with plenty of life left. $135 Shipped TYD, lower 48, PayPal as a friend.
  16. WGMitch

    SOLD - Ayotte - DrumSmith 14 x 6 Snare Drum - SOLD!

    Ayotte - DrumSmith 14 x 6 Snare Drum - Deep Blue Excellent condition I've had it about 3 years and just don't play it. Has the original Ayotte reso head and a coated embassador with plenty of life left. $125 $225 $150 shipped TYD PayPal as a friend, lower 48
  17. WGMitch

    Sold - Trick Pro1-V Bass Drum Pedal - $125 shipped (price lowered)

    Trick Pro1-V Bass Drum Pedal - Used This pedal is state of the art pedal tech. Well used, but still in great working condition. $200 $175 $150 $125 shipped lower 48 - Paypal as friend preferred.
  18. WGMitch

    Ludwig Supra-phonic - $350 (Price lowered) shipped*

    Ludwig Supra-phonic with Imperial lugs - Excellent condition! Brand new Remo Vintage Ambassador batter head. Original Ludwig Weather Master reso head and original snares. The throw is in perfect condition and usually smooth. The finish is in excellent shape. I got the drum with a set and I...
  19. WGMitch

    SOLD! - Axis X Series single pedal - $75 shipped (Price lowered)

    Axis X Series single pedal It's been used, but in great condition. - $100 $75 shipped lower 48
  20. WGMitch

    SOLD - Sabian 14" HHX Evolution Dave Weckl Hi Hats

    SOLD - Sabian 14" HHX Evolution Dave Weckl Hi Hats They are in great physical condition. I just don't play them. $225 $200 $150 shipped - lower 48 states. PayPal as a gift.