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  1. Fayray

    Two Different Keystone Badge Styles

    these badges are fitted to a 1967 kit with June dates in each shell. Did Ludwig redesign the badge around this time? I've just never noticed it before
  2. Fayray

    Tama Fibrestar Advice

    I have little to no knowledge of fiberglass and I'm currently cleaning up an old Tama Fibrestar kit. The floor tom has some fine cracking on the inside of the shell and I'm not sure whether it's something to be concerned about or not. The shell seems solid and according to Tama they should be as...
  3. Fayray

    Can you identify this throw off?

    I looks like a 2 point Presto but not quite. MIJ?
  4. Fayray

    One Owner 1964 Premier '58

    I drove an 8 hour round trip yesterday to collect this kit. I purchased it from the first owner who bought it new in 1964. It's nearly a complete catalog kit from the '63 catalog. The only non original part is the snare stand (a later Lokfast stand that got mixed up with his gear when packing...
  5. Fayray

    Slingerland COB Radio King - what's the story?

    This drum appears to be a late 50s Chicago badge COB RK. However, it doesn't have the extended gates etc that you usually see. It certainly looks factory in the photos and there are other examples around the internet. So is this a specific model or just one ordered this way?
  6. Fayray

    Latest Score - Leedy Broadway Dual Full Dress

    For some reason there seems to be a few of these Full Dress Leedys in Australia. Well there's one less now that this one has crossed the Tasman to New Zealand just in time for its 80th birthday this month. Not as exotic as Steele's two drums but very lovely all the same. I gave it a light clean...
  7. Fayray

    Slingerland Super Sound King Wires

    Slingerland experts: I just received this 60s Super Sound King and as you can see the wires are a tad stretched. Can you confirm that the Puresound or Fat Cat wires for the clamshell models will fit? They have a total length of just under 16". I also need an adjustment knob for the tension. It...
  8. Fayray

    Slingerland Super Sound King

    I bought this yesterday, mainly because it was cheap and I do quite like the oddball snare drums. To be honest I didn't know what it was when I first saw it and then when I did work it out I had a hard time finding photos of black and gold badge examples online. But from what I can work out the...
  9. Fayray

    Rogers Super Ten - Saved from the Brink

    I thought when i bought this drum that it would yield some decent parts at best... The rust was severe and the top hoop was completely toast But then i figured there wasn't much call for Rogers parts over here as there are so few in circulation. Plus, despite looking terrible, it was...
  10. Fayray

    So what's the drum with the Ludwig lugs?

    I haven't got my hands on this pile yet but I should pick them up this week. The Beverley snare will be 14" and the Olympic bass drum will be 20" so what is the shallow, possibly 18", drum with the bowtie lugs? Home made possibly?
  11. Fayray

    Old 50s Zildjian with Trixon stamp

    I just received this cymbal today and thought people might find it interesting. It's a hollow block stamp with the Trixon logo stamped into it. I have seen other Trixon stamped Zildjians but I've never seen a HB stamp with the Trixon logo. Unfortunately the 20" ride has a big edge crack but I'll...
  12. Fayray

    Diamond in the rough?

    You know you've got a problem when you find yourself looking at ads for cheap modern drums in the hope there's something nice mixed in with the rubbish. But every now and then it pays off.
  13. Fayray

    Interesting North Snare

    This is for sale over here. I had never seen a North snare before. I don't imagine it's a great sounding drum but it must be quite rare. Has anyone owned one or seen one before? I see there is one on ebay at the moment. I guess they're like buses...
  14. Fayray

    Carlton Standard Snare with a nod to Slingerland?

    I believe this drum is from the early 30s. It appears to be a Carlton Standard (no badge, never had one it seems), 13.75", 8 lug. The throw is almost identical to a 3pt Slingerland throw from what I can tell. The handle is a replacement that I had made using a Slingerland handle as a template...
  15. Fayray

    Can you ID this old bass drum pedal?

    The one on the left is a Beverley but the other one is a mystery to me. It has a number stamped underneath SON7000/26. Sonor maybe?
  16. Fayray

    Radio King Floor Tom

    I've been looking for a 16" FT for my RK set in WMP and whenever they pop up on ebay they are out of my price range (especially when you add Int shipping and taxes). I have seen this drum that is described as a 16x16 ex field drum with no extra holes. The finish is described as a painted glitter...
  17. Fayray

    Bulb wattage for old calfskin bass drum

    I'm going to fit a bulb into my old Ludwig 1920s bass drum to keep the calfskin at an even temp (I'm going to do some gigs with it and the temp changes at the moment really mess with the tuning). What wattage should I use? It's 26" and has a newer calf batter and a very old painted calf reso.
  18. Fayray

    Sonor Impulse Buy Alert

    I got home late last night after a particularly good rehearsal and saw this on the Bay just before going to bed. Didn't know anything about it and the description stated that the parallel system doesn't work right and that after reassembly he had a couple of springs and some washers left over. I...
  19. Fayray

    Help Identify these

    I'm just organising shipping for a Gretsch kit i bought a while back and I don't want to be paying extra shipping for stuff that's not worth it. The hi-hat stand is one i haven't seen before and probably not Gretsch. Also the footplate is missing. Any ideas what it is and if it's a keeper or a...
  20. Fayray

    Ebay purchase cancelled

    I purchased a really nice snare on Ebay today and have just received a message saying the seller has cancelled the order and refunded my money. The reason stated to ebay was he was out of stock of the product. He sent me a message directly saying the person he was selling it for hadn't finished...