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  1. trixonian

    Rhythm Tech Active Snare System

    Searching for 14" model. Condition of wires unimportant as I have a spare set. All I really need is the frame that holes the wires, but of course I would take a complete one. Please PM if you have one available.
  2. trixonian

    Where to get rail mount replacement for camco?

    I have a rewrapped camco oaklawn kit that appears to have originally had a rail mount set up. I dont really care for using a stand for the Tom, and I figure its ok to drill holes that were filled. I read somewhere they are making reproduction rail mounts. How will I know if it will fit the...
  3. trixonian

    Longtime admirer, first time camco owner

    Got this in trade, 12,16,22, it was rewrapped long ago. Seems to have all the parts other than bass hoops and floor Tom legs. Best of all, they sound amazing. I look forward to exploring the tuning range and trying different heads. Cant wait to play them out... Any thoughts or information...
  4. trixonian

    Rhythm Tech snare system

    I need it for a premier snare that had a parallel strainer. Regular wires are not laying flat. If you have a rhythm tech snare with bad wires that's ok too. I really only need the frame as I have two sets of new wires for it. Thanks
  5. trixonian

    Drum pedal collection on eBay Poland
  6. trixonian

    WTB 20 Mapex Saturn BD - galaxy burst finish

    I'd also be interested in an 8" tom. (Stock photo to show color sought)
  7. trixonian

    Does a cover band violate copyright posting performance on Facebook?

    Facebook took down my bands video of uptown funk. Does anyone know if posting a cover band playing a song violates intellectual property laws? Of course Facebook is being judge and jury in favor of "universal music group" who levies the complaint about our content. I understand umm is is...
  8. trixonian

    Anyone seen this Motley Crue kit on ebay?

    Expensive, but interesting...
  9. trixonian

    Whaaaat? (Happened to this Black Beauty)
  10. trixonian

    Wanted: Hayman bracket

    I need one floor tom leg bracket toward restoration of a Staccato kit. Please PM if you can help. Pics of Staccato kit and sample pics of Hayman brackets below:
  11. trixonian

    Staccato drums

    Hey all, I thought I would share my happy acquisition yesterday. A friend alerted me this set was posted online, knowing they wouldn't last long I had a nearby friend pick them up for me. My dad was a bass player and it turns out this set was owned by one of his cohorts. I remember seeing...
  12. trixonian

    Wabi sabi I think this applies to the let it be concept a lot of us have about worn vintage wraps: Wabi-sabi is the Japanese idea of embracing the imperfect, of celebrating the worn, the cracked, the patinaed...
  13. trixonian

    Head packs for 13,14,16 toms?

    I've seen heads sold in packs for a discount. Has anyone seen a 13, 14, 16 pack? It was a pretty common configuration for 70s kits, I think.
  14. trixonian

    Premier piccolo snare projects.

    I bought this from forum member El Larry for parts to make a Ringo snare. (Thanks El Larry!) Unfortunately the Ringo colored shell turned out to be drilled for another style of piccolo lug. So I went ahead and cleaned up the donor snare and it turned out pretty nice. It's obviously a player...
  15. trixonian

    First time floor tom for bass drum

    Played last night on a very small stage and it gave me the perfect chance to try out a mixed set of Olympic drums that I contrived to use as a Jellybean set. Thanks to Madchops for the bass drum riser. Since we were going to be mic'd up I put a piece of foam inside, but it was quite easy to...
  16. trixonian

    Wish me luck, Premier Oyster Project (updated photos)

    -------------updated 11/8/2015 - see page two for additional photos----------------------------------------- This will be a difficult project but very rewarding if I can complete it. My first set of drums was Premier, and I got into collecting after adding a second Premier set and then a...
  17. trixonian

    Premier Oyster drums

    I could be a great set some day, I couldn't pass up the chance to try to complete this project. All I have so far is a 20" bass and 13" tom (nice mahogany shells). Now all I "need" is: floor tom 12" rack tom (preferably with same mounting bracket system) tom mount bracket (for the 13") tom...
  18. trixonian

    Grammys observations

    Who was Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga's drummer? He was kickin' it! Also did anyone notice the lighted acrylic concert Tom set?
  19. trixonian

    Amedia hi hats review

    Greetings DFO members. I'm posting to get the word out about a great new line of Cymbals, Amedia. I was lucky enough to win a pair of hi-hats at the recent Indianapolis DFO forum fest, drum swap meet and jamathon. Numerous vendors made generous donations and our own, Sonorholic, put on an...
  20. trixonian

    ebay top n cane auction, zero feedback seller

    zero feedback seller starting it at $99... seems suspicious.