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    What Are You Listening To?

    Social distortion
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    Time to laugh

    Once again there was these two guys from Winnipeg, they decided to go clubhoppimg at night. They first place they went to there was this girl dancing doing "high kicks" and in the washroom there was a stall attendant spraying cologne for tips. So they had a few drinks and went to another bar...
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    Time to laugh

    So there was these two guys from Winnipeg, they both went to the zoo with some extra money. What they did was give thee attendant an extra tip to show them around. The first vicinity, the aide showed them polar bears,! They were swimming in water and kept playing with a pail bucket they poked...
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    Favorite drummers

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and list the best "producers" in hi hop. In rap songs they have an emcee, who raps with lyrics and also beatboxing is a lost art (making beat s with your mouth) any way there is also a dj, who spins the ones and twos (turntable) like old vinyl records players. Aside...
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    How is everyone holding up? What are you working on during this downtime?

    I've been working on my cardio, I weigh over 300 lbs so the most I can sit is for one hour on the drums tops. Been using this time to walk regularly losing my gut so I can be a more active drummer.
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    Notice anything about your habits or texhnique during isolation?

    Yeah going back to basics counting again. Not making elaborate beats that make you say "what's that guy doing on the drums? It's crazy!" I use too many fills. Trying to get downpact more smoothness while using the cymbals, a more constant beat. I really am taking care of my ears too by wearing...
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    Solar cymbals

    I tuned my drums tonight. I'm pretty stoked about that! I bought the crucifix Jesus cross tuner so that I never lose it lol and I must say the gibraltor throne is a blessing. It spins slightly or rotates on its axis is very comfy and is great quality too. I paid the buck for it but I think it's...
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    Solar cymbals

    Not to break out the tape measure, I have a huge ride by them, a 13.5 hihats by them and a idk how many inch crash by them. I inverted the crash which gives it a better sound for real not joking, and I added a sabian splash 10 inches.
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    Solar cymbals

    Hey man, that was a pretty cool breakdown, thanks for that!
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    Great Outros

    At the end of the California love song by Dre and Tupac, the beat goes hard on the end of the music video.
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    Just a random question (ludwig breakbeats)

    Thanks for looking out:)
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    Musicians who are off the chart intelligent

    Haha play on words lol
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    Just a random question (ludwig breakbeats)

    Upon buying these, they came with a velvet drawstring cover for each drum. Has anybody experimented with using these things as mutes? In the questlove had them draped over the drums to show the muted version. I still can't believe how he put the bass drum one on lol. Anyway, I thought there...
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    Contact picks

    Do you have a acoustic that needs to be turned into an electric (without paying a ton of money,) there is such a thing as compact pickups that you can buy ranging from about 20$ and upwards. You simply stick it on the acoustic or cigar box guitar as it is not invasive. It just sits on there...
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    Calf heads anyone?

    I agree, they always need to be tuned because they slip up. I had a pair of decent tamas which I managed to put stick through skin, so I found this guy who was a digeri dude on Kijiji. He replaced my head's with thick not med or lite,.but the strongest one, of calf skin and goatskin. It took him...
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    Did some one create a custom drum company and forget to tell anyone

    I once had a torque drumkit, there's not even pics left on internet of it. Lol it was great while it lasted. They've been circulated for 20 years or more to whomever (fortunate) has them. I bought them for $275, sold them for $105 which is crazy, seen them on Kijiji for 275! Hopefully they have...
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    Musicians who are off the chart intelligent

    Chris Cornell!!! He was the frontman from Soundgarden and audio adrenaline, he formed the super group called temple of the dog with such hits as hungerstrike with amazing vocals from himself, Eddie vedder and Chester Bennington from Pearl jam and Linkin Park respectively. Talk about noise! And...
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    Who is the one bassist you would love to jam with?

    Matt Freeman! Fat Mike Robert Trujillo !!
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    Who are your 5 fav drummers?

    How could I forget Russ Miller? His ride and sweep brushes are sweet!
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    Who are your 5 fav drummers?

    Awesome list... I'm kinda wondering why does anybody think Lars Ulrich is an atg? From metallica