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    Cymbal & Gong

    24 and 22 holy grail rides, free shipping to DFO members ($475, $425) 14 and 15 holy grail hats, free shipping to DFO members ($425, $375)
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    Yamaha Recording Custom w/ snare

    What’s the gram weight on this
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    Project Kits

    Looking to buy project vintage kits -- not so much singles. Repairs and missing parts okay. Thanks,
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    FOUND - 22" Chrome/Steel Hoops

    I have a set. Sent you a PM
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    14x24 ludwig stainless bass drum

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    Sold Gretsch RB players kit $500

    PM sent
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    70's oyster blue

    ‘69 Rock Duo
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    Camco Bop Kit

    sending you a dm
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    Ludwig standard kit, 3pc any strata finish...

    There are plenty on reverb
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    Cool MIJ Kit

    I just got this Royal Star kit -- thanks to some help on the facebook MIJ forum, was able to track down the catalog page. Most notable are the shells -- 9 ply with hardwood re-rings. Remind me a bit of camco's.
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    What do you see?

    Aqua! Love those.
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    Swap Zildjian K for Paiste?

    I have a Paiste 602” 20” ride I’d trade for the 19 k dark
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    Drum sale part 1

    Are you selling the snares separate or holding on to them?
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    Ludwig 10x14 wmp Tom

    6-ply players grade is ideal, but would take a 3-ply.