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    I got some 70's New Beats, but is the top hi-hat keyholed as I am seeing?

    Totally ^. What the original posted should be aware of is for the LONGEST time, all hi hat clutches were threaded. SO it was inevitable that the top cymbal was going to keyhole. For me, personally ? it's a sign that it's been played and likely has some good mojo. Seen a lot of gigs. I...
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    Bass drum sounds / tuning

    I think a lot of it depends on styles, and how dynamically you want to play. Speaking for myself, I grew up playing padded 22's in club bands, dance and rock. As Ihve gotten older, I've found myself in avariety of situations that require a different drum and a different set up. If I'm...
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    Yamaha Club Custom Black Swirl

    Agree as well. I'd hadn't played mine in about a year and I set them up one day. I was like.. " man, these are really really good drums" I'm down to three kits, been thru a lot, a LOT of stuff. And these are keepers. I won't say I'll never sell. But it's not something I've nevr...
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    OT: What Is Your Favorite Rolling Stones Song or Album?

    Exile. No question. I mean the damn thing opens with Rocks Off. That's just too bad azz
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    Carter McLean on how to tune a drum set

    No slag on Carter, wonderfully musical player with great ears and touch. But his name comes up often, for good reason, and today is the day that I drink too much coffee and post on this thread. I have basically stopped watching drum only videos to try to determine "the sound" of a drum kit...
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    Modern cymbal stands and vintage cymbals

    DW makes a plastic cup and sleeve that’s a little thinner to accommodate vintage cymbals. I don’t where to order them, a friend of mine with a big backline company handed me 3 a few months ago. They work on my K’s, I know that much
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    Gretsch Vinnie Colaiuta Snare 12x4 - MINT

    Is this still available ?
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    Tell me about your modern Ludwig Classic Maple Snare drum? I am considering a 6.5x14 CM Ply snare drum.

    after 18 shows in 21 nights I can't remember. I don't think the bottom heads were spent...Usually when we got a decent drum set from a real backline place all the heads were pretty good. All I can add on the negative is that the guy from Layayette was more meticulous about tuning than I, and he...
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    Tell me about your modern Ludwig Classic Maple Snare drum? I am considering a 6.5x14 CM Ply snare drum.

    I’m going to be the naysayer here. Everyone loves this line of drums, but I ran into 2 Backline CM kits in February and I just didn’t understand all the praise. Maybe I’m not that familiar with them, I see a lot more Yamaha and DW, but neither myself nor the other drummer ( I don’t want to...
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    Roc-N-Soc Round or Motorcycle Seat?

    It's an older Tama First Chair. Round top but black vinyl. It has a plastic insert where it grips the seat bottom. It can spin I suppose if it's not fully tightened. I had to get an Ahead wooly cover for it. I don't do well with soft seats, or mushy food
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    Your turn: what's your custom cymbal model or line?

    Meinl is designing that now for some of the numetal drummers
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    Roc-N-Soc Round or Motorcycle Seat?

    I just want you to know with all the talk here about SOUNDSEAT IS THE ONLY ONE YOU"LL EVER WANT, I have the same experience as you. It forces you to sit a certain way, kinda halfway between bike and round. I keep mine in the house for practicing, but for gigging, and I play A LOT, I use a...
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    I've been repeatedly watching the Larnell Lewis/Zildjian Live

    Man, that is one bad dude...
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    FT: Istanbul Agop OM (Cindy Blackman) 15" hats for Paiste Modern Essentials 15" or 14" hats

    Maybe, not sure.. Let me check pricing..
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    Decisions, decisions...

    We're all bored, just post some mycymbal links maybe, of what you're considering.
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    Decisions, decisions...

    I was trying to think where you could go to hear a few of these, or if someone reading this is close by with some options.. I have a bunch of sheeet you could hear, but I'm in Austin. Not to sell you, but so you could hear it...
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    Decisions, decisions...

    where do you live ? besides inside your head :-)
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    Interesting... Matt Chamberlain's new cymbal set-up

    Give him 6 months, he'll jump to something else. I could say more, cause i"m in a pissy mood from people dying, but I won't..
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    Roc-N-Soc Round or Motorcycle Seat?

    To me it depends on how you sit. If you sit back on a seat, with both cheeks in the middle of a round seat , then a motorcycle would probably work for you. If you're like me, and a few other guys here who sit on the edge of a round seat, then you might prefer round and the bike seat a little...
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    Decisions, decisions...

    No idea, sorry. Haven't played them in person