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  1. scaramanga

    Drum room with concrete floor/ garage

    Yes move the kit around until you find a spot. I'm in a small space and if I orient N/S instead of E/W in here I lose my bass drum.
  2. scaramanga

    How does Carter McLean record his videos

    He went from an Earthworks stereo pair to some Beyerdynamic ribbons a while back. Usually posts info about that stuff in the comments.
  3. scaramanga

    Accomplished skinsman, Yoni Madar

    Yeah this guy's nuts. I have a guitarist friend who is always sending me these videos. Former friend.
  4. scaramanga

    Genesis - Live 1972

    In that queue is an entire Collins/Bruford concert from 1976. After I cleaned myself up and my head cleared I concluded that Bruford was, in fact, not the best choice.
  5. scaramanga

    Thoughts on adding a second bass drum?

    Hey as long as we're all stuck at home I say set up every damn drum you got.
  6. scaramanga

    Acoutin 6.5 x 14” hybrid steel/hickory snare

    Dang. I've been looking out for these.
  7. scaramanga

    Rock & Roller Cart: what do you use for tie-downs?

    I use ratchet straps. I'd love to try a net if I knew what size would work. I thought a cart would cut down on my load out time but I have to spend a lot of time standing around showing people how great it is.
  8. scaramanga

    OT ... Ok gang show me pictures of your long hair (with date if possible). Old or current - doesn't matter.

    Wow this thread is 100 times better than I thought it was gonna be. 1991.
  9. scaramanga

    Dream BOP kit....

  10. scaramanga

    New Demo released! Traditional style heavy metal

    The music I should have been listening to in high school. Totally into it now. Nice!
  11. scaramanga

    New band new song!

    Nice work
  12. scaramanga

    What Year Did you begin drumming?

    1975. Yup, Peter Criss.
  13. scaramanga

    OT: Coronavirus - COVID-19

    Here's some nice science for y'alls.
  14. scaramanga

    OT: What Is Your Favorite Rolling Stones Song or Album?

    They are not my favorite band, but when I listen to it I can't deny that there has never been a better rock and roll album than "Exile On Main Street", and there has never been a better rock and roll recording than "Gimme Shelter", which features what must be the single most exciting moment in...
  15. scaramanga

    "Embarrasing" music you were a fan of.

    Nothing I'm embarrassed by. But when I cue up "Thick As A Brick" on the home stereo I can tell that my children are embarrassed for me. Oh wait. Does anybody remember Ebn Ozn?
  16. scaramanga

    My band has just released our first album.

    Excellent. I'd love to hear it.
  17. scaramanga

    My band has just released our first album.

    You guys are on the same page and those Ludwigs are the shnizzle ... white interiors ? Yes. 20 12 14. Blue sparkle, the official introductory drum kit color. I see clips on the snare rim - what drum is that ? Student model Slingerland blue/black duco. A wonder drum I bought for next to...
  18. scaramanga

    My band has just released our first album.

    Holy crap guys this has been amazing. Even accounting for the "If you can't say something nice" rule I'm overwhelmed by your positive and supportive reactions. I can't thank you enough, but I'll get started now: Thank you so much.
  19. scaramanga

    My band has just released our first album.

    Well...that's the sound of me getting lost, so...