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  1. eigentone

    What Is Your Most Played Snare and Why?

    Ludwig 5" x 14" Hammered Bronze with tube lugs. It's sensitive, fast, sounds well-balanced. Plenty loud for practice. Not too much ring and not too aggressive. When I want a louder/fatter tone, I grab my 6.5" x 14" Hammered Bronze with Imperial lugs. When I want a drier tone, I use the...
  2. eigentone

    How is everyone holding up? What are you working on during this downtime?

    I've already leveled up a few times in Drumeo in the process of going through several courses. I also started guitar lessons (Skype) for the first time in over 20 years -- a local Berklee teacher announced he was taking new students. I have a few projects, like some upgrades for my basses and...
  3. eigentone

    Bass drum sounds / tuning

    My default tuning for my 22 and 26 is to tune both heads to D (~73 Hz.) Res is typically ported. I typically don't bury the beater. I occasionally stuff the DW pillow in. It's got some tone/sustain -- port size and drum size modify sustain. I think it's good for a natural drum tone though...
  4. eigentone

    20" Bounce ride...thoughts?

    If I had to reduce to 2 rides I own or have owned for everything, I would go with a 20 Con Bounce and a 22 Con MTL.
  5. eigentone

    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    :hello2: I'm going to need a bigger place.
  6. eigentone

    15” hats for jazz combos. Anyone play them?

    I think 15s can work really well for some Jazz. I also have 14s and 13s on hand. I think 15s are a pretty safe bet in cases where I prefer a 22" ride (rather than a 20" ride.)
  7. eigentone

    Nice surprise from Zildjian.

    Looks like they wanted the requests postmarked or received by 1/31. But it can't hurt to try! Maybe they have a few extras. Good luck! :thumbleft:
  8. eigentone

    Nice surprise from Zildjian.

    Zildjian ran a promo a few months back: Buy a qualifying cymbal and get a free AT2021 mic. I happened to have bought several new Zildjians in 2019 -- just replacing some other cymbals and stepping up. I submitted my proofs of purchase. The limit should have been two free mics but there were...
  9. eigentone

    Who else is using 13" hi-hats?

    I have a set of 13", 14" and 15" Constantinople hats. The 13s are the ones I play the least, but they are cool in their own way. So fast and responsive with a good amount of cut. I like them and I am sure I would use them more if I played more uptempo or complex/dense stuff.
  10. eigentone

    Good All Around Cymbal That Could Be Used for Jazz Fusion, Pop Rock

    I have a few Cons. I think the 20" Con Bounce Ride is a nice complement to the 22" Medium. The Bounce has more tah and a higher pitch. I think these two are a good set of ride sounds to have around the kit and they handle a lot of territory when both are available. Volume is about the same.
  11. eigentone

    What Hardware Do You Like

    Sure. If you are up to date on your tetanus shot. :glasses9:
  12. eigentone

    What Hardware Do You Like

    I use Yamaha hardware for the tom drums because I have a Recording Custom kit. And I use DW 9000 for everything else -- snares, cymbals, pedals. So I voted DW because I could only pick one and I have more DW. It's not cheap but it it helps my drums and cymbals sound better, is easily...
  13. eigentone

    Running A Drum Sale.

    I agree. If the seller wants top dollar, then Reverb and shipping may be a good route. But I can definitely understand why they may not want to drag it out for many months and get involved with shipping.
  14. eigentone

    Humidity in the house for drums

    I own guitars too. Like guitars, my (wood) drums are sensitive to humidity changes. The tuning can drift with temp and humidity changes. But they don't need truss rod adjustments or anything. I have a few humidifiers to keep humidity in check, but it's not tightly regulated.
  15. eigentone

    Running A Drum Sale.

    I'm in New England too. How can I follow this? :hello2:
  16. eigentone

    Recent sound check from Gavin Harrison

    Caught him playing with King Crimson a couple months ago. Great drumming. And a great show for drummers.
  17. eigentone

    Your opinion: best K Con for party band setting (rock, pop, r&b)

    I own a few Con rides -- I think the 22" Medium and 20" Bounce is a good combo for Rock/Pop/R&B. I find Cons to be quite versatile; in the sense that they have several good tones. The 22 MTL is a very nice cymbal and it works great in "low energy" settings but it won't cut like the Medium and...
  18. eigentone

    Zildjian old & new Comparison videos w/ Paul Francis and John Riley

    For me it was a mixed bag. There were things about the new ones I liked and things about the old ones I liked. I'm going off memory from a few days ago but… going cymbal by cymbal per set, it was about even Old vs New. Put them in context or use another set of limbs or sticks and the preferences...
  19. eigentone

    Zildjian old & new Comparison videos w/ Paul Francis and John Riley

    I'm not saying they will ever sound identical but some of the cymbals presented will sound very different over time. The new cymbals presented looked fresh from the box. They will sound different after a few decades of use. I liked this series enough to watch all three episodes and I will...
  20. eigentone

    Vic's Drum Shop closing but...

    Welcome to New England! :)