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  1. bassanddrum84

    UFIP Class Cymbal Pack for?

    What kind of snares you interested in
  2. bassanddrum84

    iRig Pre

    Best I’ve done is mic my kit in a mixer then get a god mix and come out mono into irig then to garage band my buddy and recorded a whole ep with I rig GarageBand and our phones
  3. bassanddrum84

    Are Drum Cases Necessary?

    I use road cases my large one can fit my whole kit kick rack two floors snare all my hardware cymbals mics cables electronic stuff and spare heads and just recently put some into a smaller case to lighten the load on the big one. I went through the not using cases when I didn’t have the money...
  4. bassanddrum84

    Zildjian 13 Mastersound BOTTOM

    Hmm this interest me. I do have a few things pm me
  5. bassanddrum84

    Marijuana and Drumming ?

    Nope given I don’t get wasted when I drink I sip it to loosen me up. Guess you’d have to see me perform to get a idea but I can promise you the song, band, mates etc don’t suffer when I’m drinking. Just because some people can’t drink and still play good doesn’t mean others can’t. It’s also...
  6. bassanddrum84

    Marijuana and Drumming ?

    No I only drink when I play other then that maybe once every few months. And yes a click is relaxing. I think of it as a percussion part of a song.
  7. bassanddrum84

    Three vintage kits - help me choose!

    That’s awesome. My stencil kit is close to that color. Have seen those drums in there for awhile. So clean
  8. bassanddrum84

    Marijuana and Drumming ?

    I smoke and drink while playing. Usually cbd flower every once inawhile I’ll partake in the thc. Has nothing to with my playing and gives me bad panic attacks. My pre show is get to wherever I’m playing wheel in my two flight cases. Grab a rumple mints on the rocks and a blueberry redull and set...
  9. bassanddrum84

    Three vintage kits - help me choose!

    I’ll be did not realize the owner of this kit is on the forum lol
  10. bassanddrum84

    Three vintage kits - help me choose!
  11. bassanddrum84

    Three vintage kits - help me choose!

    If you were close to Chicago there’s some killer vintage kits on Craigslist I live 4/5 away from there but always looking
  12. bassanddrum84

    6.5x14 Brass Snare

    Do have some 13” zildjian a mastersounds I’d trade
  13. bassanddrum84

    New Zildjian concept shop

    Really hope people have been paying attention to the videos popping up on these they have very sharp edges and cracks all over.
  14. bassanddrum84

    Soundcaster Mega Bell ride

    Check out the giga bell as well
  15. bassanddrum84

    Woods, brands and models? Buying a new kit!

    I would say pdp or ddrum dominion if you can find them. I okayed in a pop punk band that wrote and did covers for 12 years and used a ddrum dominion maple and a ddrum dominion ash both tune down nice a low no problems. Also as far as the yamahas try tuning top and bottom heads you can get them...
  16. bassanddrum84

    Bosphorus Master Vintage flat ride for 13 or 14 dark crisp hats

    I do have 15” soul tone extreme hats
  17. bassanddrum84

    Bosphorus Master Vintage flat ride for 13 or 14 dark crisp hats

    I have some 13” zildjian a mastersound hats super crisp and tight.
  18. bassanddrum84

    To felt or not to felt

    Speaking of flat based stands does any use the dw ones? I’ve been looking to get some for my stencil kit.
  19. bassanddrum84


    I’ve seen a couple on reverb check music go rounds and Craigslist there’s always some on Craigslist.