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  1. Bugford

    Combining hobbies

    Over the past couple of years I've gotten in to photography and videography. Nothing spectacular, but it keeps me out of the saloons (literally). And since I started a new job last year, I've had to quit gigging almost entirely. So now I'm spending more time in the drum room, and playing...
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    A little kit and sunglasses

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    In The Drum Room

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    OT - My other hobby

    My other hobby:
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    OT- The Birds

    The flocks have been crazy around my house this month. Here is today:
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    Last night

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    Seinfeld and the Buddy Rich tapes

  9. Bugford

    Band Liability Insurance

    I don't mean you personally, but the band itself. No, I'm not selling insurance. :shock:
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    Olympic drums? Olympia drums?

    I saw some drums the other day with badges that said either Olympic or Olympia. Made in England. They looked like asian firewood at first glance, but upon inspection they were pretty nice with a very cool wrap. The shells were not splintery crap, but a smooth hardwoods of some type, with...
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    102 Degrees

    And I'm the lucky drummer to have an outside gig tonight. :(
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    I don't like Prince

    I don't like his voice, I don't like his songs, and I don't care much for his schtick. But, that dude can flat-out play the guitar. The rest of the video's not too bad, either. &feature=plcp
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    Drummer Cam

    My Yamaha's all lit up.
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    Who here is this pathetic?

    Somebody keeps giving one star ratings to photos that people have posted. Why is that? Here is an example: One of the drummers here posts a picture of his drumset -- what's not to like? I don't get it.
  15. Bugford

    My band's recent recordings

    Phoenix Band Cincinnati has been working on some recordings. No studio, but the guitar player does a nice job of home recordings. He's still messing with them, but I like them fine. We recorded the drum tracks at my house, and then the rest of the band has recorded their parts at the house...
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    Being A Drummer

  17. Bugford

    Why Cover Bands Play Mustang Sally

  18. Bugford

    Bugford at Rising Star Casino

    A mix of a few songs:
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    OT - Politics