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    Rare A. Zildjian hi-hats

    I have 13" flange hat top; paired with a 13" mastersound bottom. The two cymbals are pitched at a perfect intervals (trials and months long search). The flat edge meets the hammered scalloped edge perfectly for the right amount chick and air release. When two flange hats clasp together...
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    How Do You Play Your China?

    It depends on the cymbal. Play it both ways and see which way SOUNDS better. Personally.... 1) 20" Swish edge up (bell right side up) 2) 18" China Boy High edge down (bell inverted) 3) 18" Z Custom China edge down (bell inverted) 4) 14" Swish edge down (bell inverted)
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    Favorite Hihat

    14 inch: 60's Paiste 602 top; 70's Zildjian New Beat bottom 13 inch: 60's Zildjian Flange Hat top; newer Zildjian Mastersound bottom secondary hat / special effect 14 inch 60s thin top; 14 inch 70's Swish bottom
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    Advice on Gretsch bass drum mount...

    I don't think this qualifies for the "use a drill, go to jail" condemnation. That applied to the original sinner. The holes are already there, use 'em. Make some lemonade and enjoy.