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    The tiny bass drum thread

    Hi, about 30 years ago as a pro drummer I was gigging around 160 times a year. Occasionally I, having a heavy right foot, would put my wooden beater straight through the bass drum head. I always played with single heads on all but the snare ( obviously!) So a quick remedy was to lay my 16"...
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    Vintage trixon spares

    Thanks for that, thought about going down that route but would've liked to be all original if possible. Problem is the existing holes are horizontal not vertical as per most strainers.
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    Vintage trixon spares

    Hi, thanks for that, I'll give them a nudge. Fingers crossed!
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    Do you guys play with a patch on your bass drum?

    Hi, as I use a wooden beater I find the head lasts longer if using a patch. Years ago used to gaffer tape a coin to the striking point of the beater which gave a " click " when the drum was struck.
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    Vintage trixon spares

    Long shot I know but does anyone have, or know where I could find, a vintage 50s Trixon piccolo snare throw off lever. I have discovered said snare, complete except for the strainer lever! I believe it should be like the one in the pics. Here's hoping.