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    These are classic maples... right?

    Got these on CL today. I’m assuming they’re 90’s classic maples, but does anyone know better than I do? Looks like the bass came with two sets of spurs, only one set remains. They’re a bit nicked up here and there, looks like a 12-13-14-22 (maybe power tom depths). Anyone have an idea of value...
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    Today’s pickup: pre-serial COB super Ludwig

    Bit nicked and a dent or two here or there, missing muffler and probably could had offered less... but figured $300 was a fair price. Looking forward to getting this dialed in!
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    Zildjian A Paper Thin 17” (sold)

    There was some wild patina on this one, from being stored by the ocean apparently. I tried to clean it off a bit but it’s still a wild looking cymbal. Excellent condition otherwise- weights in around 1100. Pretty sure these As are discontinued. $70 and split ship from the northeast.
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    Istanbul Agop Mel Lewis 20” Ride

    Great condition with one non-factory rivet hole, it’s probably between 1750 and 1800 grams (my scale isn’t all that accurate). No cracks or flea bites or key-holing. Looking for $270 plus split shipping from the northeast.
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    MiJ Stencil Kit- 60’s, excellent condition

    Got these a few weeks ago from the original owner. They are in fantastic condition- wrap is tight, edges are smooth (if not perfectly flat), chrome is shiny, rail tom mount is sturdy (I haven’t tried to adjust it, I like where it’s currently set). It has a Rogers cymbal mount in addition to the...
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    Daru Jones opts for the “Craigslist Ad” setup on SNL

    In all seriousness this guy killed it and that snare is (maybe literally?) dynamite. Certainly an unconventional setup, though
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    20” Agop Mel Lewis for 20 or 21 K Sweet

    Mel Lewis is used and has one rivet hole. Warm and full crash and nice mellow ride. Not too rushed to move- just wanting to try new things! Message me for pics. I’d consider trading for a K Con too.
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    WTB 15” Agop Xist Hats

    Not sure yet if I’m looking for brilliant, dark, or regular ones- but if you’ve got a pair you’re looking to move along, let me know!
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    MIJ stencil kit at a gig

    Just got these for a steal on Facebook marketplace and decided to gig them last night. Coated ambassadors top and bottom, and I think they sound great! No recording unfortunately.
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    Kent drums

    As a native to Western NY I am curious about these drums. Were any of their shells produced in the US? What was their layup? How can you tell those from the shells they imported from Japan?
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    (Traded) Beautiful Thin 22” 50’s A

    Made an account because I’m considering trading this beauty of a small stamp A. It has 2262 grams written on it, but it’s actually under 2200 on my scale... either way, very thin for a 22! Excellent condition, fair but not extreme patina, some fingerprints and tape marks (no residue), no...