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  1. Joe61

    30 strand snare wires/snare bed width and Rogers Superten

    I was wondering if anyone here on the forum knows if the width or size of the snare beds on a Superten are sized correctly to allow a wider snare wire set to lay properly on the reso head? Thanks Joe
  2. Joe61

    Considering a rack for cymbals and asking for your input

    I have been paying attention to time for setup and tear down the lase few gigs now. Trying to shorten the process. I have identified three areas of concern. Cymbal stands, cowbell and other related accessory's and adjusting the positions of those items prior to play. I am very happy with...
  3. Joe61

    Is this a first generation Tama Iron Cobra?

    I am storing a drum set for a friend and this pedal is part of the kit. The drums are Pearl Export Series, Black, 2 up, 2 down. The pedal appears in a 94 Tama cat. Were there any before that? Just curious. Joe
  4. Joe61

    Ching Ring - Dry or not

    Thinking I need one of these to add to the hi hat for a couple of songs that need a little accent. Found two types. Both made by Meinl. One is labeled as just Chingring and another as Chingring- -Dry. Anyone know which would have the brightest...
  5. Joe61 to play on Drive My car - Beatles

    Sounds to me like the hi hat and tambourine are played the same on some parts and then played off beat on others. With out having a band mate play the tambourine part, how would you play the song? What would your set up be?
  6. Joe61

    I discovered a new cleaning tool

    A couple times a year I give my Big R a good cleaning. No disassembly just a good wipe down. One of the frustrating parts of the drums for me to clean is the space between the lug and the rim. Can't get my finger in there. I googled "oversize pipe cleaner". Found these on Amazon. Six bucks...
  7. Joe61

    Helping our base players sound

    Our bass player has been unhappy with the sound from his rig. I agree with him that it could be better. He complains the sound is muddy. He also can't describe the sound he wants. Its frustrating. To make matters worse he is impatient and expects instant gratification, has no patients to...
  8. Joe61

    Overhead mic placement

    Depending on the type of gig, I will use anywhere from one to seven mics on the kit. Always the base drum, sometimes the hi hat and snare, and less often, three tom mics and an overhead near the ride. I am trying to simplify my setup with two condenser overheads taking the place of the three...
  9. Joe61

    Swivel or not

    Do any of you lock the seat of your throne? I tend to keep it loos so I can rotate left to right a bit.
  10. Joe61

    Bearing edge cutting

    Hi everyone, I am trying to find a repair shop that can re cut the bearing edges on a 15" tom. I live in the southeastern Mi. area. Several searches on the web came up with shops outside my area. Hoping that a forum member in my area may know of a shop. Thanks Joe
  11. Joe61

    Starting some or all songs with a count

    There are times when I yield to the guitar players to start a song setting the tempo. Examples of two songs that I always have to make tempo corrections to are Long Cool Women The Holly's and Keep Your Hands to Yourself Georgia Satellites. There are others. The only reason I yield is that I...
  12. Joe61

    Cymbal curiosity (what did I buy 40 years ago?)

    I am still playing cymbals purchased back in the late 70s. Back then I knew very little about cymbals. I know a little more now but some things are still a mystery. The store owner shared none of his knowledge and only wanted to make a sale. So I did the best I could and selected what I...
  13. Joe61

    Our guitar players setup

    The post about Elvis prompted me to seek guidance from others here on the forum. Our band is a classic rock cover band. We all have day jobs and play about one gig a month. Its a fun hobby. I am 62 and the oldest. The youngest 50. Our original lead guitar player left on good terms, moved...
  14. Joe61

    Rogers Superten snare

    Hi everyone, I have what I believe to be a big R super ten snare. Purchased with a complete set back around 1975~1976 time frame. Chrome over steel I think. The bearing edges have a couple of high spots on both the batter and resonate side making it difficult to tune. Does anyone know of a...