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    Going Old School....

    Here is a foundation exercise I share with students who are learning the "Shuffle" Keep the hands loose and get ready for measure 12
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    A different Kind of Grid Groove

    Try this one out when you have a few minutes. I've spent some time playing with this one, and it is inspiring me to explore different ideas. Enjoy...
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    Because Neil Peart Lyrics are Incredible!!!

    In honor of "The Professor's" 40 year tenure as both drummer and lyricist for Rush... What is your favorite quote from Neil's word contribution to Rush's success over these past 40 (now 41) years? Spirit of the Radio was the first Rush song to catch my attention, then Moving Pictures came...
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    Pop Quiz: Anyone Play with Loose Bass Drum Pedal Springs

    I have been playing my pedals with very loose spring tension all year and am surprised that I impressed with the set up. Am I the odd duck out on this subject? Share your thoughts and experiences please
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    Fun with Diddles, Accents & Taps

    Try this around the set: Get the diddles, accents, and taps working on the snare or a practice pad: then apply it all to the set to hear some very interesting rhythms...
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    ... Because Syncopated Grid Grooves Sound Cool

    This is a little exercise for helping students develop four syncopated rhythms... Could your students benefit from this???
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    4/16/2015 in Kingsburg Ca

    The Last Chance Saloon will be at Bull Frogs for "Country Thursdays." Our first time at this venue, and we're all excited to play there
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    A Grid Groove for the Blues Drummers

    Three colors instead of four because there are three rhythms going through the 4-2-1 Grid Save and share the attachments... and Get More Gooder
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    Clovis (Ca) Big Hat Days

    Twas a great time at this year's Big Hat Days... it is like a Roided Up Farmer's Market. They close off a few city blocks and bring in all kinds of vendors and artsy folk. Excellent sound guy too... made us sound really great!!!! Lots of thump from the bass drum...
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    Double Bass Drum Grid Groove

    This is a favorite! Stage 3 is a lot of fun when played at moderate to fast tempos... just keep your feet in time with your hi hat. The companion audio is attached for learning Feel free to share both with your drumming friends Enjoy, my friends
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    4/4, Same 4 Colors, 4 Different Rhythms

    Here is a different Grid Groove, featuring four one-beat rhythms. The color sequence is the same. Please save it and share it with others who want to build up their collection of drum rhythms. There is an companion MP3 on the lesson page of Feel free to download and share...
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    Feedback Please

    Looking for feedback on the attached sheet music used with my students. Please share your thoughts, comments and questions so I can make this more gooder for my students. There is a companion audio track at lessons for those who want to hear it while reading the music...
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    Your Drumming

    How has playing instruments other the drums enhanced your drumming?
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    Vounteer Fire Department Gig

    Orange Cove Volunteer Fire Dept. Annual Fund Raiser with Ron Rodgers and the Last Chance Saloon. The Fire Chief has been a huge supporter of LCS. We attribute some of our growth and success to his support. He asked for a 50% country and 50% rock show so this will be a lot of fun for sure.
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    Teaching Difficult Concepts

    What concept do you find most difficult to teach / explain?