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  1. drumdrumdrum

    Black Beauty with silver badge??

    I just picked this up today and started cleaning it up. Trying to figure out why it has a silver badge on it as I know a black beauty is not a prototype. John Aldridge says maybe a factory second from that time frame but doesn't know why they'd use that badge.
  2. drumdrumdrum

    Top hat and cane

    Brand new classic maple - atlas tom and rail mount included 20-12-14 + 6.5 matching snare Brand new never played $2400 shipped for all $1900 for 20-12-14 $400 for snare Possible trades....
  3. drumdrumdrum

    Rogers parade drum

    Rogers Parade Drum
  4. drumdrumdrum

    Slingerland bass drum

    Red sparkle 22" Free MIJ tom with purchase Slingerland 22" Bass Drum 1964 Red Sparkle
  5. drumdrumdrum

    Sonor vintage series w/snare

    Brand new Ordered through Steve Maxwells at 2015 Chicago show picked up in January this year Never played..... Sonor Vintage Series 2015 Vintage White Marine Pearl Snare Included !!
  6. drumdrumdrum

    Camco kit

    Selling some drums..... Camco 24 -12"-13"-14"-14"-16"-18 Yes 2- 14" one is rack tom other is suspended floor tom Vintage Camco Drum Kit
  7. drumdrumdrum

    Sonor vintage series weekend sale

    Need to move these.... $3000 to a forum member.
  8. drumdrumdrum

    Top hat and cane

    Ludwig classic maple kit Brand new out of the box 20" 12" 14" Atlas tom mount and atlas rail assembly. $1900 shipped. Possible trades
  9. drumdrumdrum

    Ludwig nickel 16" ft hoop

    Looking for a 16" Ludwig nickel hoop
  10. drumdrumdrum

    Sonorous? Anyone?

    I've had these for a few years in storage and have yet to see anything else like em. 13" snare 14" tom.....anybody able to share some knowledge. Thanks
  11. drumdrumdrum

    Ruby standard score

    I bought these sight unseen in July and had my sister in Indiana pick them up. I finally got them out of her way.... 7 months later! 22-13-16 and snare. Hardware and drums for $300! I love em!
  12. drumdrumdrum

    Moving drums!!!!

    We recently sold our home and are moving across town. Well 3+ loads of snare drums 4+ loads of kits and there are still drums to be moved! (100+ Snare drums and 45 kits) My wife says I have a problem.... After today I fear she may be correct!.... Nah! I bought a 30' semi trailer and loaded my...
  13. drumdrumdrum

    Camco score now with pics

    I'm picking these up on Sunday... Without cymbals and cymbal stands. No badges. Original Rogers mounts? 1 owner- he lost the bottom hoops when he decided he liked Don Henley
  14. drumdrumdrum

    Ludwigs in Texas

    Wish I lived closer!
  15. drumdrumdrum

    Evans head choice

    I have a church looking for evans heads for a wrapped Gretsch renown kit.... Insisting on evens heads. What's your choice for toms and why?
  16. drumdrumdrum

    Rogers memory lock bass drum legs

    I can't seem to find any legs from my usual parts places. I need a set of legs for a big R bass drum.... Who can I call? Thanks
  17. drumdrumdrum

    Tama granstar custom with an 11" tom

    This is not the for sale section I am just asking is this a fair price? I never keep up on the value of tama or any other non US drum.... Friend of mine is asking me to help move an 11pc tama granstar custom He is thinking in the $2500 range or cash and trade.... Kit has 8-10-"11"-12-13-14-16-18...
  18. drumdrumdrum

    Craigslist psych red score

    So a local add said nice drumset $550 Comes with extras.... 2 crappy pics but I could tell it was a re wrapped 60's Ludwig kit Went to check em out and make an offer... Craigslist has some weird people... He left before I got there but let his 10 year old kid show me to the garage to look at em...
  19. drumdrumdrum

    50's gretsch harlequin bass drum

    So I ended up with this beauty.... She's in good shape except some idiot had the bright idea to add a Ludwig mount to ...... The bottom! Oh but they did protect the finish by wrapping it in black felt. Felt was removed before I got it but they didn't remove the lugs or hoops to remove the...
  20. drumdrumdrum

    Rogers Pancake :-)

    I sold one last week and now this one shows up! Nice one I think.