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    Louie Bellson with Oscar Peterson

    In my opinion, Louie Bellson was the most musical of the drumming giants of the past generation when compared to the other greats such as Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa. Check out this clip of Louie with Oscar...
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    Do Not Drink And Drum

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    Great Holiday Commercial

    This is one of the best holiday time commercials I've ever seen. You may have to copy and paste the link to your browser. there are a few bonus commerc ials after the one I'm talking about.
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    One Word.........WOW!

    I feel so sorry for the man selling this beautiful Rogers drum set in Austin, Texas. I think that the bass drum is actually 14x20. EARLY 60’s ROGERS CLEVELAND TOWER MODEL SILVER SPARKLE JAZZ KIT - ALL ROGERS (MOSTLY PERIOD)STANDS AND HARDWARE PROTECTION RACKET BAGS - 16x20•8x12•14x14•5x14...
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    Drums for sale on local Facebook page

    I know that these drums are not Ludwigs. Does anyone know what brand and how good they might be?
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    Lost Photo Has Been Found

    A while back there were a few separate topics in which I wanted to post this photo. But, I couldn't find it in my computer's stored pictures files. Just a few minutes ago I was looking for something else, and there was the picture I thought I had lost. This picture fits in to a few categories of...
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    World's Finest Drummer

    You may have seen this before. Even if you have seen it, it's worth another look.
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    These kids are the hope for the future
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    R-E-S-P-E-C-T.........Gotta love those Brits
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    Make Me Smile

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    A little lunchtime music break

    Peanuts kids do Chicago:
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    So I called the ride service........................................................

    And, here's what happened.......................
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    Jazz Fest Drum Shirt

    Half of my closet is filled with Hawaiian style shirts of various degrees of bad taste. My wife of 50 years is an enabler of my addiction to these shirts. Every year the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival has at least one new shirt for the event. The shirts each have their own unique...
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    Wedding Processional Music

    A very popular piece of music that is played very often for the wedding party processional is by Pachelbel. This young man has a unique rendition of the music. It's too bad that both of our children are already married. Our daughter, who sent me this video, would have loved to have had it played...
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    Local Band Showcase Bingo

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    Trying to help out a clueless person

    Were we mean, and was I especially mean to a guy who asked us to identify and provide information about pricing drums and guitars for sale? As I recall, many of us responded to his first posts about a bunch of drums. For every request from us for him to provide specific information about the...
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    Patriotic Drum Sets

    The Beach Boy's newly posted topic about acquiring the very cool Rogers Red/Silver/Blue sparkle drum set triggered this topic. Our drumming brother's new vintage drum set has arrived just in time for Independence day. We have had threads before where we have posted pictures of our patriotic...
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    What do you thunk of this for a drum throne?
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    What do you thunk of this for a drum throne?