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  1. Joe61

    Semi-OT: Adam Schlesinger has died

    Stacy's mom has got it going on!
  2. Joe61

    Letterman - Are those your drums?

    He didn't give the Rogers guy anywhere near the recognition he deserved LOL.
  3. Joe61

    Jeff Porcaro tuning tips

    My latest method for damping the overtones on toms is to use a piece of felt cut to about the diameter of 3" with a section of the felt protruding about 2'. Imagine a key hole shape for an old skeleton key. Clip the protrusion part to the rim with a small binder clip. Let the weight of the...
  4. Joe61

    Where you are spending your time

    I like the binder clip holding the mute in place. Been doing the same for a couple of months. Much better than tape.
  5. Joe61


    Cat water?
  6. Joe61

    Remo Black Dot Heads

    I have in the past 2 weeks changed from pinstripes to black dots on my 13,14,15,and 18" toms. I went from a pinstripe on the snare to a black dot several months back. All of the reso heads are clear ambassadors. The snare sounds more to my liking now. A little history...up until 2017 I played...
  7. Joe61

    Controlling the bass drum with no port.

    Got it. Thanks
  8. Joe61

    Controlling the bass drum with no port.

    I used to run my batter head JAW but had some of the same problems you are describing with doubles. Sorry, what is JAW?
  9. Joe61

    Buying a rack, need help with parts

    Finally! An opportunity to help a fellow forum member. Last December I treated myself and purchased a Gibraltar rack like the one you are looking at. I went through the usual learning curve and maybe I can shorten yours. The first thing I did was up grade from the stock 40" curved horizontal...
  10. Joe61

    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    You radical!
  11. Joe61

    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    yup those too
  12. Joe61

    Best wife ever

    does she have a sister?:love4:
  13. Joe61

    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    I don't like art or band names on base drum heads.
  14. Joe61

    What's your absolute favorite song?

    Like many here, just one is hard to pick. Mood has a lot to do with it. Push comes to shove...More Than A Feeling, Boston. Time seems to stop for a few minutes when I listen. I close my eyes and slip away.
  15. Joe61

    Holey drums Batman...

    Power tools in the wrong hands is dangerous. Maybe those who wish to purchas a hole saw should have to go thru a back ground check.
  16. Joe61

    30 strand snare wires/snare bed width and Rogers Superten

    I was wondering if anyone here on the forum knows if the width or size of the snare beds on a Superten are sized correctly to allow a wider snare wire set to lay properly on the reso head? Thanks Joe
  17. Joe61

    Are YOU the best musician in your band?

    Are YOU the best musician in your band? No
  18. Joe61

    "J. Geils Band" Friday Five Fer

    I have always liked this tune. More so for the subject matter than the delivery of the message. Although no other musical arrangement than this one could work. I would speculate that every man on earth has at least once uttered to stinks.
  19. Joe61

    Do You Only Like Music That's Familiar? A Test for Old Guys

    Ha Ha Ha LOL. This is a great topic. I am going to post something but I am not finished reading all of the responses yet. Joe
  20. Joe61

    Nickel hardware

    Yup you made the right choice. I have done two ground up cleanings on my kit. Used a bench mounted cotton buffing wheel and jewelers rouge. Its messy but fast. Even makes the scratches shinny!