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  1. HosaMogami

    SOLD! FS/FT: 22" Zildjian Avedis (New Version) & 21" Zildjian K Crash Ride

    Sorry, I currently don't have one. If Im having issues getting them moved then maybe Ill go down that road.
  2. HosaMogami

    SOLD! FS/FT: 22" Zildjian Avedis (New Version) & 21" Zildjian K Crash Ride

    Hello, I have a couple cymbals for sale/ trade. I have a 22" Avedis, great sounding cymbal. She's been loved, in good condition overall, definitely not a mint condition cymbal - more of a players grade. But no cracks/keyhole or anything like that. Sounds great, but I just haven't been using...
  3. HosaMogami

    Zildjian 22" Bounce Ride SOLD

  4. HosaMogami

    Price lowered AGAIN: Ludwig 70s 3 ply 22/13/16 restored to beauty

    I think this looks great. You did an awesome job. Will be a really nice kit for someone.
  5. HosaMogami

    Cymbal setup opinions

    Ive owned the 24" A Medium redesign and Still own the 24"K Light, I would say that you're correct in thinking that the A Medium is going to be better suited for your current needs of trying to get more volume/cut. The A Medium is a really great cymbal, holds together much better than the K Light...
  6. HosaMogami

    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Just bought a 24" Kerope Ride... Its got all the good feels. Its definitely got me hook line and sinker.
  7. HosaMogami

    New Zildjian K Sweet Cymbals

    I have a pair of the 16" K Sweet hats. When they arrived I was pretty unsure of how much I would like the heavy bottom. But my first impression was that I really thought these could perhaps replace my 16" K Light Hats. However I haven't found that to be the case, still use the lights all the...
  8. HosaMogami

    FS: Zildjian 16” K Light Hi Hats $275 shipped! SOLD!

    Great hats, great condition. Buy them before I change my mind! Wont last long at this price! $275 shipped PPG!
  9. HosaMogami

    Ludwig Chrome Over Brass Millenium Snare w/ Upgrades

    Gorgeous drum man. Wish I could snag it. I used to have one and will always regret parting ways with it. Someone scoop this up!
  10. HosaMogami

    FS: Ludwig Legacy Maple 14x22 Bass Drum Shell-Silver Sparkle

    Not really looking for trades at the moment. I am looking for some 18 & 19" Zildjian K crashes. But I'm not looking to add cash on my end so trades are pretty much out on this. Thanks!
  11. HosaMogami

    FS: Ludwig Legacy Maple 14x22 Bass Drum Shell-Silver Sparkle

    Selling a used 14x22 Ludwig Legacy Maple bass drum shell. It was originally purchased from Steve Maxwells NYC store and therefore is drilled for a rail consolette. It is also drilled for ludwig curved spurs and lugs obviously. Edges are in good shape. Silver Sparkle wrap is in good shape. It...
  12. HosaMogami

    SOLD Ludwig Legacy Maple 22/13/16/18

    Great kit man. I love it.
  13. HosaMogami

    Five cymbals - Zildjian, Sabian, Soultone, Paiste

    any weight on that 20" zildjian? Id be into it if its under 2000g.
  14. HosaMogami

    SOLD: Custom Order 2015 Ludwig Legacy Maple Drums in Black Glass Glitter - WOW!

    I agree, awesome drums and sizes
  15. HosaMogami

    Current Ludwig Sky Blue Pearl wrap source...

    Any one know where Ludwig sources the current Sky Blue Pearl wrap from and maybe where I can buy some? Thanks in advance!
  16. HosaMogami

    Snare stand for rack tom?

    I use a DW 6300 for my classic maple 8x12 rack tom. Ive even used it for my 10x14 Legacy rack tom. I dont think it cuts all of the resonance off. Not nearly as much as my DW 9000 series snare stands.
  17. HosaMogami

    Ludwig Snare Drums for Sale

    PMd on the BB
  18. HosaMogami

    Powerstroke 3 Felt Tone

    I would certainly like to try a hazy one myself.
  19. HosaMogami

    The new 24" A Medium Ride is a gem

    I had, really liked it. Ended up keeping the K Light.