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  1. ludtubs

    Ludwig Atlas Classic modern flat-based cymbal stands; seeking user-feedback

    I’m likely going to pick up a few of the modern Atlas Classic flat-based straight cymbals stands, but wanted to hear from anyone that’s really put em through the paces by gigging on them regularly. Just a couple of questions about things I’ve heard that give me pause: Any issues with build...
  2. ludtubs

    Last week's L.A. CL score - 70s Luddy 3-ply 12/14/18/24

    Hey all, Very happy w/this find & wanted to share. Thanks to a fellow DFO-er & close friend in Tulsa (who’d like to remain nameless) for finding this listing right after it went up & texting me as I was travelling back from a run in TX last Sunday. I'd casually been looking for a 14x24 &...
  3. ludtubs

    Why?! did Ludwig move tone controls to above the badge in the 70s

    Does anyone know the reason for this move?! To me, it seems functionally less practical, as well as asthetically detracting to the beauty of the badge. It bugs me, and I just can't think of any practical reason they'd do it. Insight, anyone? Thanks!
  4. ludtubs

    WTD: Ludwig 3-ply 14x24 & 16x18 orphans - for resto, shells or complete

    Hi all, I'm looking to add a 14x24 & 16x18 to one of my Luddy kits. Open to WFL/Luddy KB era or B/O era, complete drums preferred, but shells-only also an option. 3-ply only. I could go a few different routes w/this project, but I'm trying to do it at the lowest possible cost (aren't we all?)...
  5. ludtubs

    Slingy RK vs. Luddy lug hole spacing... same?

    As I hunt for a 14x24 Luddy 3-ply suitable for a guilt-free re-wrap, I came across someone w/a Radio King shell that's kinda tickiling my fancy. My first question, since I'm not super acquainted w/the ins & outs of Slingys is, would the lug hole spacing be the same if I wanted to dress her all...
  6. ludtubs

    early 70s Luddy edges

    after many years, just noticed on my 71-72ish kit, the kick seems to have a less rounded edge than the accompanying 13 & 16. were they making the edges less rounded over at that point, or could this kick have been alterered? it's not crazy sharp, but it's also not as round as the toms.
  7. ludtubs

    early 70s Luddy edges

    afyer many yeara, just noticed on my 71-72ish kit, the kick seems to have a less rounded edge than the accompanying 13 & 16. were they making the edges less rounded over at that point, or could this kick have been alterered? it's not crazy sharp, but it's also not as round as the toms.
  8. ludtubs

    Value? Ludwig pre-serial Alloy Supra

    Greetings friends. I haven't seen this drum in person, but I'm quite intrigued and would love to know the approximate market value, as it has most of the features of a COB, but not all. Here's what I know: 5x14 Supra Very nice pre-serial Ludwig badge Red felt ballbat tone control and I...
  9. ludtubs

    Leedy marching snare dating & value?

    Hey everyone. Hope your weekend has been good so far. I'm seeking info for a friend of a friend. He picked up this sweet old Leedy marching snare at a garage sale ($ amount unknown) & is wondering what it is worth. His description is "it's got strings instead of springs on the strainer & it...
  10. ludtubs

    Price check; selling my 60's Avedis hats

    Hey gang. I've got a pair of my 60's Avedis hats on CL right now or $150. They're 762 & 771 grams. I'd always felt they would probably fetch $200+ if I decided to sell, but in checking completed Fleabay auctions before posting them on CL, I've seen more sell for closer to...
  11. ludtubs

    Dilling a Vistalite

    I know, I know. A friend wants to put a cymbal mount on his Vista BD & there's no talking him out of it. The concern is spiderwebbing or cracking the shell... would the usual technique apply the same as on a wood drum, or is there a different, safe way? Thanks!
  12. ludtubs

    BRAND NEW Limited Edition Ludwig Acro sighting

    Paid a rainy Sat. afternoon visit to MY "happiest place on earth," Pro Drum Shop in Hollywood yesterday. Among the many pieces I ogled was the NEW, extremely limited, Ludwig Acrolite. I immediately thought of my Acro-loving, DFO brethren. Have you guys seen these? I hadn't even heard about them...
  13. ludtubs

    Ludwig 1123-1 & 1124 HH stands

    Mike's recent post about his 1123 got me thinking about putting my 1123-1 & 1124 back into action. I'd like to clean em out & re-grease first though. No problem taking them apart, but what's best to clean out the old grease & schmutz, & what new grease is best to use? Thanks, & congrats on...
  14. ludtubs

    Premier i.d. help & "Double 10" replacement snares

    Hey all. I don't know much about Premier, so I'm here looking for some help on this kit. It's my guitarist-friend's kit, and it was GIVEN to him by a mutual bassist-friend. Why does this never happen to ME... the drummer-friend?! Anyway, I'm trying to impress on him that it's a cool lil' vintage...
  15. ludtubs

    Ludwig 1400 cymbal stand tilter repairs

    Hey gang. I posted this topic in the "Resto & Rehab" section over the weekend but... wait, is that a tumbleweed!? :icon_smile: I hope I'm not out of line by re-posting it here in this section, but I figured if there's not even ONE response to a Luddy topic on DFO, it musn't have ay eyes on it...
  16. ludtubs

    Ludwig 1400 cymbal stand tilter repairs

    Greetings. I've got a few Ludwig 1400 stands that need the typical maintenance/repairs to the tilter's friction-fits. I've got J.B. Weld & I'm ready to just wing it as I feel perfectly capable... though I've never worked w/this stuff before... so I thought I'd run it up the flagpole here...
  17. ludtubs

    Luddy '76??? Burgundy Sparkle

    I thought Burgundy was only in production for about 5 years starting around '67. Perhaps another case of left over shells sitting around & getting badged later, or... ? I'm sure as usual there is no exact answer, but any thoughts?
  18. ludtubs

    Vintage Green Vistalite snare - odd/low sitting Badge location??

    Not mine, nor do I plan on buying it, but I was just cruising around "the bay," came across this & now I need the mystery solved, for my own personal knowledge! A green Vista snare, w/the badge located closer to the snare side. I don't recall ever seeing this placement. Can anyone shed any...
  19. ludtubs

    "Drum Craft(?)" drum builder in Las Vegas. Anyone?

    Thought I'd take a shot, hopefully I'm not out of line posting this here... I met a drum builder between sets a couple weeks back at my Vegas residency gig (technically it's in Henderson). I'm sorry to say his name escapes me, but he offered to build me a snare in the interest of getting his...