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  1. mwb5271

    Looking for Acrolite Parts

    I am liking to a batter hoop and one lug for a 1966 Acrolite snare. If anyone has these parts for sale I would appreciate a reply. Thanks Mike
  2. mwb5271

    Looking For Acrolite Parts

    I recently picked up a 1966 Acrolite at a flea market and am rehabbing it. It is cleaning up pretty good however, it appears that someone spilled a coke or other liquid on the batter head and did not properly clean it up. Put in the case where it has been in storage for 30, 40, 50 years? As you...
  3. mwb5271

    Tama HP900P Power glide Single Pedal

    I have a Tama HP900 Power glide pedal that I purchased new in 2008. I am very satisfied with the performance of this pedal or at least I thought I was? Reading through hefty's thread "Tama Speed Cobra vs Pear Demon Drive" got me looking closer at my 900P and I noticed that I do not have the...
  4. mwb5271

    OT: My Son Did it Again!

    Some may remember last May when my 23 year old son surprised me with tickets to see "Them Crooked Vultures" which was a great show! Now he calls and surprises me with tickets to see Crosby, Still, & Nash this Sunday at DTE Energy Theater formerly Pine Knob in Clarksville Michigan. I am really...
  5. mwb5271

    OT: Them Crooked Vultures Concert

    Today my son called and asked me to attend a "Them Crooked Vultures" concert in Windsor at the Colosseum at Caesars on May 16th! He bought the tickets and asked the old man to go with him! I thought that was kind of special to want to be with dad in public. We both like the format of this band...
  6. mwb5271

    OT: Hall & Oats on Tour

    I know that many of you, me included enjoyed the link to "Daryl's House" site a few month ago. I just discovered that Hall & Oats are touring together this spring. Here is the link to their website if anyone is interested.
  7. mwb5271

    OT: Rosebowl - "Go Buckeyes"

    I have been disiplining myself not to watch too much football this past week but I will be in front of the TV today fo this game! "GO BUCKEYES"!!! My son has a childhood friend that is a 5th year senior on the team and this will be his very last game as a member of The Ohio State Football Team...
  8. mwb5271

    DW 6500 High Hat Stand

    Dave's topic regarding his bent upper rod got me thinking and then researching my 6500 stand. No my rod is not bent. I bought the stand used on E-bay about a year ago and simply fell in love with it immediately. I know some of you do not care for this stand but I find it to be very stable and a...
  9. mwb5271

    Ludwig Element SE - Need Help Identifying These???

    These two sleeve nuts were in my bag of hardware for my new Mod Orange Element Downbeat shell pack. Can anyone tell me what their puropse is? The only thing I can think of is to screw them on the middle to tension rods that support the "rims" mount on the 12" tom? Thanks in advance for your...
  10. mwb5271

    My New Ludwig Mod Orange Element SE "Downbeat" Kit

    I know that there a few threads already on these drums but thought I would share my experience so far. I brought them home last Sunday and have been unpacking and putting them together as my time permitted this week. For perspective my frame of reference is my 1966 Sears Catalog kit that I...
  11. mwb5271

    Remo Powerstroke 3 Batter Head - Clear vs Coated

    To all of our Drum Head Experts out there! Is there any difference in sound performance between the "Clear" Powerstroke 3 vs the "Coated Powerstroke 3 bass drum batter head? I currently use the "Coated" Powerstroke 3 on my 22" batter and really like the sound performance. I would like to try...
  12. mwb5271

    20" Bass Drum Beater Location?

    I am thinking of getting a 20" Bass Drum and want some opinions on setting the beater location. I have my beater setup on center on my 22" BD and all is well but it appears that if I want to setup the beater head to center on a 20" BD I could have issues with stroke adjustment, etc.? I am...
  13. mwb5271

    Novus for Automotive Clear Coat Finishes?

    Has anyone used Novus #2 and #1 to remove slight scratches in the Clear Coat on their Auto's? I have some slight scratches caused by crap from trucks hitting my bumper on the interstate and was wondering if Novus would work here and not harm the finish? This stuff did a fantastic job on my blue...
  14. mwb5271

    Paul McCartny & Ringo to Perform Together

    I just read on That Ringo and Paul are going to headline a concert!!! I have included the link if anyone is interested. ... &GT1=28102
  15. mwb5271

    Interesting e-Bay Auction!!!

    Looks like lots of vintage stuff for the right person! ... 240%3A1309
  16. mwb5271

    Shell Painting Question?

    I have a 1966 Sears catelog no name Japanese kit as pictured in my avatar. They are not worth anything except sentimental value to me as I purchased them new at 14 years old with my paper route savings. Anyway along the way I painted the insde of the bass and mounted tom flat black so that they...
  17. mwb5271

    Member Status Question

    What determines our forum member status, ie: "new member", "senior member"," guru", etc. Just curious.
  18. mwb5271

    Ludwig Accent Drums

    Do any of you have experience or knowledge with Ludwig's Accent drum line? Quality, sound, value, etc. I am attaching an e-bay link for reference. It is an Accent Fab 4 set but I assume these drums come in many configurations. Thanks ... 0281806560
  19. mwb5271

    Remember Don Brewer?

    I came across this Don Brewer drum solo and thought thought that I would share. Enjoy
  20. mwb5271

    DW 6500 Flat Base High Hat Stand

    Does anyone out there have any experience or feedback regarding the quality and value of the DW 6500 Flat Base stand. I am looking for the vintage look but do not want co compromise quality and performance of the stand. The vintage Ludwings are look great but I ave not been able to find one that...