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  1. slinginit

    What to expect from Bosphorus cymbals?

    OMG! I have that exact ride in almost the exact same weight. The Original rides are ~medium thins by today's standards. You'll get all of the above, great edge wobble, and it will flex when struck (not as buttery as a Master's Vintage but still...). Overall great cymbal with a lot of...
  2. slinginit

    Neil Peart, Dead at 67? Hard to believe!

    I just can't believe he's gone.
  3. slinginit

    Paiste Signature Free Improvisation

    Love this video!! That 20 full crash is very versatile.
  4. slinginit

    Paiste 14" 2002 Heavy Hi-hats

    Those are baaaaaaad hats (by "baaaaaaad" I mean freaking great!). Paiste's "heavy" hats usually weigh in around the same as Sabian and Zildjian mediums so they're very responsive and versatile. Those are real sleepers in the 2002 line IMHO.
  5. slinginit

    What kind of UDU do you do?

    These are also intriguing from LP:
  6. slinginit

    What kind of UDU do you do?

    This is one helluvan UDU!!! Massive!!
  7. slinginit

    What kind of UDU do you do?

    Thinking of purchasing an udu drum. I see a lot of LP options s out there but wondered what you thought of those and if there was a different maker.
  8. slinginit

    New Sabian models

    Very interesting approach. It looks like new AAX models are getting the HHX treatment sans hammering on the bell. Their surface texture looks very Paiste-like with the dense large-peen hammering and pin lathing. I'd love to play them in person.
  9. slinginit

    Enduro hard cases for throne

    Cases are all sold!!
  10. slinginit

    Just got new drums!

    So YOU got that green kit, drummertom!! I was looking at that color among other options (red, rosewood, blue) but couldn't resist the blue. Too many good colors to choose from.
  11. slinginit

    Sabian rebrand

    LOL!!!! I almost spat out my coffee. Thank you for that. The rebrand is horrible so humor is appreciated.
  12. slinginit

    Poll: The Sabian Re-Brand

    SABIAN? Are you reading this? I appreciated the "what's your sound?" campaign with all of the comparative videos of similar products (raw bell rides across 4 lines; 18" crashes across 4 or 5 lines, etc.). Really, that was brilliant - basic, to the point, and gets to the heart of what we do...
  13. slinginit

    Poll: The Sabian Re-Brand

    Thank you!!! Those new AAXs look badass!!! Holy crap!! All that hammering!!!!
  14. slinginit

    Poll: The Sabian Re-Brand

    I'm not sure who what the point of this "rebrand" is. It seems that having a "hip" or "exciting" logo just hijacks the conversation away from their cymbals and that's not productive. Though I agree that sometimes the original logo seems bulky, it was stylistically"neutral." Meaning, you could...
  15. slinginit

    19 Bosphorus Antique thin ride for Sab, Bos, throne

  16. slinginit

    Ludwig NAMM Preview - 110th Anniversary

    Is "flat salmon" a thing now?
  17. slinginit

    SOLD >>> 14" Avedis (New Model) Hi Hats SOLD

    Would you consider a trade for a 19 Bos Antique thin ride? 1633g
  18. slinginit

    19 Bosphorus Antique thin ride for Sab, Bos, throne

    Still available.
  19. slinginit

    19 Bosphorus Antique thin ride for Sab, Bos, throne

    Can you please resend? I couldn't find your message; will purge messages in the meantime.