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  1. Piggpenn

    My Yammy's

    Sure do love this kit but thinking of putting it up for sale. Here's my band's rehearsal site. Not using guitar amps for rehearsal or on stage. Strictly in ears so I'm toying with using an E-kit. But look at the awesomeness acoustic kits bring. Thanks for looking.
  2. Piggpenn

    Yamaha Tour Custom updated to 5 piece shell pack and H&B bags included

    Brand new, just took them out of the box, swapped heads, played them some, back in soft bags with the intent to gig them. Left the band, not gigging. LOL 10" MT 12" MT 16" MT 22" MT Triple tom tree; 3 FT legs; 2 tom arms $995.00 on Reverb - $900.00 plus $200.00 shipping for...
  3. Piggpenn

    Yamaha Recording Custom updated to 6 piece shell pack

    YES 10" MT 12" MT 16" FT 22" BD Hardware included: Triple Tom Tree; 3 FT legs; 2 tom arms; barely used factory heads $2995.00 plus $200.00 shipping add $150.00 if you want the pedal, too. Pedal by itself $175.00 plus shipping
  4. Piggpenn

    Complete Yamaha Stage Custom 7 pc + 1 - Cranberry

    Just testing the waters. Full set of Stage Customs + 18" bass drum 8" MT 10" MT 12" MT 14" hang or FT w/installed YESS mount 16" hang or FT w/installed YESS mount 14" Snare drum 20" BD will included brand new factory heads + 18" BD will included brand new factory heads I no longer have...
  5. Piggpenn

    *** SOLD Yamaha Live Custom 3pc - Black Shadow Burst SOLD ***

    LOOKY what SOLD Already. :) :) :) Thanks for looking. 22X14 BD w/single tom extended arm 16X15 FT w/legs 12X8 MT $995.00 local Pick-up Davenport, Iowa. I will include a set of Humes & Berg Galaxy series drum bags upon request. Shipping is on the buyer ... $275.00 P.S. I also...
  6. Piggpenn

    Paiste 14" 2002 Heavy Hi-hats

    Bought used several years ago. Selling my entire Paiste 2002 Red label cymbals collection. Already sold the 10" splash and 20" ride. Thought I should post the deal here for my drum brothers. Selling the hats and a 14" and 16" set of crashes but don't have pics for the crashes. They are all...
  7. Piggpenn

    FS: Mapex SE Black Panther Snare Drum 14x6

    Beautiful drum that sounds and looks fantastic $350.00 shipped - includes new Humes and Berg Galaxy series bag
  8. Piggpenn

    ***SOLD*** FS: TAMA Artwood snare drum 2010 Grey speckle ***SOLD***

    $100.00 shipped CONTUS: includes brand new Humes and Berg Galaxy series drum bag. Great looking and sounding snare drum
  9. Piggpenn

    My Thursday afternoon gig

    McGrath Harley Davidson dealership on the only non-rainy day of the month....
  10. Piggpenn

    How about some Pat Travers?

    From my band Radioface at last night's gig.
  11. Piggpenn

    Imbedded ads

    Normally I ignore them. Today, I saw one ad that had one of my listings from on it. Awesome. lol
  12. Piggpenn

    Ludwig Supralite COS snare drum ***SOLD***

    Really nice steel economy snare by Ludwig. Looks and sounds great. This has been sold. Thank you!
  13. Piggpenn

    Ludwig Black Beauty ***SOLD***

    Ludwig's ever popular snare drum is going up for sale. This item has been sold. Thank you.
  14. Piggpenn

    Ludwig Black Galaxy (Blackrolite) ***SOLD***

    Take your pick, same drum. This has been sold. Thank you. Completely refurbed with replacement parts, full cleaning of chrome and shell. New heads, snare wires, snare wire straps. Includes original case and snare stand.
  15. Piggpenn

    TAMA Speed Cobra single pedal ****SOLD****

    TAMA Speed Cobra single pedal****SOLD****
  16. Piggpenn

    TAMA Silverstar Birch 4pc w/bags ***SOLD***

    SOLD!!! Thank you! TAMA Silverstar 4 pc shell pack with H&B bags for their protection. $700.00 shipped to continental USA 18x14" bass drum with tom tree mount, double tom tree (not the single) and built in riser for your bass drum pedal - First off, this means my kit has never had a bass...
  17. Piggpenn

    TAMA Hardware Galore - Take your pick

    Everything listed is $100.00 each no limit. Shipping available at buyers expense. TAMA STAR SERIES: Cymbal boom stand 3 available - All 3 cymbal stands are sold. Thank you. TAMA STAR Series Tom Stand $100.00 plus shipping. - This has been sold. TAMA SE Roadpro hi-hat stand SOLD TAMA...
  18. Piggpenn

    Best in show award goes to ...

    The tech/staff behind the scenes of this forum. Maybe it's just me and maybe it's just today but overall this sites looks and runs great! This is one of 3 drum sites I visit along with several "sports sites" shall we say and overall this one (to me) looks the best to my aging eyeballs. It's...
  19. Piggpenn

    Yamaha Recordings Customs - What have I done?

    Bought and set up....that's what.
  20. Piggpenn

    Beastily Blue Beeches have landed

    More to