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  1. BonzoBonham

    Johnny Cougar (Mellencamp) 5-fer

    Some selections from his 1978 opus "A Biography", when he was in his brief "glam rock" phase and was known as Johnny Cougar. Which for reasons unknown the album was only released in Australia and the UK. This was also the album that "I Need A Lover" was originally recorded for. Great drumming...
  2. BonzoBonham

    Hookfoot Live in Memphis-1972

    With Roger Pope on drums He was playing a Super Classic in SBP with a 5x14 Supraphonic...Zildjian cymbals. I also read somewhere Roger preferred 15 inch hi hats as well.
  3. BonzoBonham

    Little River Band 5-fer

    I may be a day early, but here goes. Derek Pellicci was one genius...he and George McArdle were one tight rhythm section! Wayne Nelson wasn't bad either.
  4. BonzoBonham

    The Doors "Love Me Two Times" 1972

    The Doors, post-Morrison. Ray does a good job with singing chores now? And I see John has traded the Mod Orange Downbeats for a gold Hayman 2-up-1 down kit. With reso heads off of course.
  5. BonzoBonham

    Drumhead Magazine- "Ensnared Volume II"

    I was at my local Walmart and saw this magazine in the magazine rack, and promptly bought it. It features 39 drummers and their favorite snares. Three of them who I am familiar with: Stan Lynch and both the Marotta brothers. Who else here has read it? And there was a volume 1;
  6. BonzoBonham

    "A Star Is Born" (1976)

    With all the hoopla surrounding the recent remake of this movie with Lady Gaga... I went back and watched the 1976 version with Kris Kristofferson and Barbra Striesand. Pretty good, and the concert footage failed to disappoint. My question, who was John Norman Howard's (Kristofferson) drummer...
  7. BonzoBonham

    Roger Pope's 1974 Thermogloss Walnut Ludwig kit

    Saw this in a Google search. I thought they were a much darker shade...
  8. BonzoBonham

    RIP bassist Max Bennett

    Passed away Friday. He was 90
  9. BonzoBonham

    RIP Ray Thomas (Moody Blues)

    :sad5: 'We are deeply shocked': Moody Blues star Ray Thomas dies suddenly aged 76 He was due to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame later this year with the band Moody Blues star Ray Thomas has died aged 76. His record label confirmed the star's passing, revealing that he died...
  10. BonzoBonham

    REO Speedwagon live on PBS 1971

    When they were still playing smaller venues, and high school gyms, long before Kevin Cronin joined. This was actually performed live and taped at the local PBS station, WSIU, here in Carbondale, IL. Billy Joel would tape a similar show here the following year. Nice blonde Ludwigs Alan...
  11. BonzoBonham

    Rarely seen Mitch Mitchell Gretsch kit

    Black Nitron Gretsch kit he had in early 1970, between his Black Panther Ludwig and the double bass Gretsch he got later. I believe this was the same kit Mitch used on the May 30 show at Berkeley.
  12. BonzoBonham

    Ronnie Tutt treasure trove

    As spotted on the "Ronnie Tutt Fan Page" FB page. I see two Thermogloss Maple Pro Beats, some assorted concert toms to go with them, a Mahogany Thermogloss kit, and a sunburst Rogers kit from his days with them in the early 80s. Quite a goldmine Ronnie has!
  13. BonzoBonham

    Carmine Appice's BBA Ludwig kit

    Thermogloss Walnut or Mahogany Cortex?
  14. BonzoBonham

    Ronnie Tutt's chrome over Vistalite Ludwigs

    Spotted on the "Ronnie Tutt Fan Page" on FB... looks like one of Ronnie's chrome over Vistalite kits found a new home. And yes, that's duct tape Ronnie used for muffling.
  15. BonzoBonham

    Favorite live albums?

  16. BonzoBonham

    1979/80 Ludwig "Red mahogany" thermogloss kit. 22,13,14,16

    Not everyday you see one of these... is the actual name "Thermogloss Mahogany"?
  17. BonzoBonham

    Cheech and Chong's "Basketball Jones" (Jim Karstein on drums)

    Some great drumming from JJ Cale's Jimmy Karstein. George Harrison on guitar, Billy Preston on organ, Carole King on piano, Klaus Voorman on bass... about the only time Cheech and Chong had an "all star" band on one of their albums wasn't it?
  18. BonzoBonham

    Drummer with Linda Ronstadt, 1974

    Who is the drummer here? Kind of resembles Roger Daltrey... Bass player is Kenny Edwards, guitarist is Andrew Gold.
  19. BonzoBonham

    Simon Kirke w/Free-1970

    At the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970. Playing the gold Hayman kit, with a black oyster pearl Ludwig Jazzfest. Although in the first pix, he's playing a matching gold Hayman snare.
  20. BonzoBonham

    Fleetwood Mac 1977 "Rosebud" film

    Watched this the other night... Mick Fleetwood.... one of the BEST.