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  1. tripp2k

    Overhead stand solutions

    <influenced by SM81 thread> Over the years, I've accumulated used Shure "drum" mics and I'd like to start doing some home recording. What are you using for overhead boom stands or what are you encountering when supplied? I'm trying to avoid buying huge, expensive stands for my man cave due to...
  2. tripp2k

    Light/thin hi hats - what to expect?

    I’m going to add a remote hat assembly to my kit to improve my posture behind the kit for pocket time keeping. I use 13” K Custom Dark hats now on traditional left side. What should I expect from a lighter and/or thinner hi hat set and what should I be looking at? All my cymbals are Ks.
  3. tripp2k

    Kinga (bass) & Irek (drums) Glyk

    I'm a hack or less on several instruments so I'm always intriqued when something pops out at me on YT. This young lady plays like she has hints of Jaco in her blood. The drummer is quite good and I love his cymbal sounds, particularly the ride which seems quite trashy in a good way. Anywho...
  4. tripp2k

    Hunt for a Kit for the Son

    I’ve posted a few times seeking input on Yammy Tour Customs and Luddy Vistalites. Thanks for the participation. Well, today I picked up a ‘90s MIJ Yammy Club Custom Kit 12/16/22 in Black Shadow. The kit is in amazing condition and I’ll update this post with pics when I get it all together. I’m...
  5. tripp2k

    Vistalites - what should a buyer watch out for?

    I'm considering a little roadtrip to check some of these out. I'm not a collector and these won't be for my use. These will be played and played hard. Obviously inspect for cracks. Any badges to avoid? Anything else to inspect for? Thanks!
  6. tripp2k

    80's Yamaha Drums - Opinions Please

    Not sure if the 80s qualify as vintage so thought I'd start here. I have 2 drumsets available locally to me, one I intend to purchase for my son. 1) Tour Series (8000 series) in bright red MIJ. Looks to be in nice bedroom use condition. 5 piece and seems to include the series 8 lug snare and...
  7. tripp2k

    Paiste Giant Beats?

    Have these fallen out of favor? Not much discussion about them here any more and never see them in Guitar Center. I recall I got more wash than I wanted when I briefly had a set and just stuck with my Ks.
  8. tripp2k

    How would you arrange these mics for recording?

    I've never done any recording before nor have I engineered audio for recording. I wanted to get some feedback from those that have on how to best arrange the following group of microphones I've accumulated for recording at home. Everything but the overheads may be "just point the mic at the...
  9. tripp2k

    Overhead Micing setup without spending a ton on boom stands

    Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places but I'd like to find an inexpensive solution to get my overhead mics overhead in my home "studio"/gameroom with zero treatment. I don't want to spend $300+ for each boom. Any ideas/suggestions?
  10. tripp2k

    FS: All Sold

    ALL SOLD! The K shows stick marks and patina as it is ~10 years old based on lineage from previous owners. The GB is clean. I have barely used it and I think the previous owner was the same way. Both great shape without keyholing, warpage, cracks, etc. Paypal. Pricing includes CONUS shipping...
  11. tripp2k

    Paiste Hats (GB, 2002, 602?)

    I've played K's most of my time hacking away on the skins. Current hats are 13" K Custom Darks. I briefly messed around with some 14" GB hats, 18/20 multi and Big Al Ride. I parted ways because the tone of the ride raised the hair on my back and needed to fund something else. I have a 20 multi...
  12. tripp2k

    FS: Ludwig LM402 Supra (cymbals in listing have all been sold)

    ALL SOLD ACCEPTING OFFERS. NEED TO GET THIS eKIT IN PLACE :-) CYMBALS HAVE ALL BEEN SOLD! I'LL KEEP THIS POSTING UP FOR THE BUYER UNTIL RECEIPT CONFIRMED. All gear in excellent shape and now with pics added. I need to put together an eKit so would consider combinations of trades that might...
  13. tripp2k

    Opinions Sought: 10/15/18 or 12/15/18 toms

    I have a Yammy BCAN kit with 3 up, 2 down and looking to cut back on the size of kit for ergonomics reasons (ride cymbal in a more comfortable spot over the right side of the BD). What is your opinion and explanation of 10/15/18 versus 12/15/18? Thanks! THESE ARE TOM SIZES. MY BD IS A 20...
  14. tripp2k


    Poll added for a bit of fun :New_Orleans_Saints: These are Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Nouveau. I bought the 10/12/15/20 as a set used. Really like them. I decided to add to kit. The 8 is an easy one. The 18 mixed in with this is problem a bit strange. Both are on order but neither has...
  15. tripp2k

    Ride Cymbal Suggestions: stick definition over wash

    I own a 22 K Ride that gets out of control (wash) and I'm seeking suggestions on its replacement. I previously had the 20 K Ride and it was a bit closer to what I was after. Not sure if a Heavy K might be in the cards. Really trying to atay away from a "tinny" sound. Mainly play rock and pop...
  16. tripp2k

    Birch Snare...Pearl Masters versus Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute

    Hi, I'm new here and wanted to get some feedback from the group on these two snares. I don't yet have a snare for a set I just picked up (Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute) and need to grab one soon. Any thoughts on going maple instead of birch on the snare for this kit? In the past, I've owned a...
  17. tripp2k


    New member here. I've played drums as a hobby off and on for the last 15 years, mostly electronic kits. I'm what you would call a hack and use the attempt at making music as an outlet. I'm a 2 business entrepreneur as my day job and respites to forums like this help clear the mind. Decided I...