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  1. JohnL

    Wanted 12" acrylic shell

    Looking for an 8x12 (depthxdia.) clear acrylic shell preferably not drilled no cracks bearing edges ok.
  2. JohnL

    SpeedKing - Puresound - LP

    SOLD - Ludwig SpeedKing pedal has been refurbished $45 shipped SOLD - PureSound Blaster wires 20 strand 14" new $20 each $50 for all three shipped. LP Percussion Jam Blocks high pitch $20 medium pitch $30 both for $45 Shipped. LP mountable tambourine dimpled brass jingles. $30 shipped
  3. JohnL

    SOLD Please Delete - Ludwig Black Galaxy

    Ludwig Black Galaxy: serial number 6271026 5X14 good condition black/white badge Remo Ambassador batter head almost new. Remo Hazy reso head almost new. Ludwig Wires. $120 $115 Plus shipping from 03038. PayPal or Money order ok. Reasonable offers will be considered.
  4. JohnL

    Zildjian A 14" (reduced)

    Zildjian 14" A hat cymbal. 1395 gr. has slight keyhole. $50 + ship paypal or money order.
  5. JohnL

    OCDP Snare Stand (Reduced)

    Brand new never held a snare OCDP snare stand. Sells for $95. Will take $60 + ship paypal or money order. Shipping weight: 10# from 03038
  6. JohnL

    Zildjian K/Hats A/Ride and ZHT China

    SOLD Zildjian K Istanbul New Stamp (so I've been told) 14" Hats. No cracks no fleabites no keyhole 926gr 938gr. Signiture faded but still visible. $650 Shipped (lower 48 only) and Insured.SOLD Zildjian A Mini Bell 20" Ride. No cracks one small fleabite (See pic) no keyhole tape residue on...
  7. JohnL

    OT Black Friday story

    I'm not one for black Friday deals I have never gone shopping on black Friday. Rockler Woodworking was giving away gift cards to the first seventy five customers on Friday and they opened the doors at 7am. Well I'm a woodworker and needed a few things anyway so I thought why not I'll pick up...
  8. JohnL

    Got Em Wanted Ludwig snare wires Got Em

    Looking for Akro 14" snare wires the ones with the plastic ends need two.
  9. JohnL

    SOLD 18" Zildjian K Istanbul SOLD

    Intermediate Stamp 18" Zildjian K Istanbul ride 4 rivets 1460gr. No keyhole no cracks one small fleabite. (fleabite looks worse in picture than real life) $600.00 OBRO shipped and insured to lower 48 only pay pal gift. Will consider all reasonable offers.
  10. JohnL

    Fibes Corder Octoban ??

    Anyone know if Fibes/Corder really made octobans or is this just a misrepresented basement project? Those are Fibes lugs but I don't see any badges.
  11. JohnL

    Just for fun Roto Kit

    Bought a bunch of roto toms for cheap money a couple years ago with the intention of adding them into my kit. Played with them for a while but lost interest in them and they collected dust for a while. Got this crazy idea a couple months back to turn them into a roto kit for fun and practice. So...
  12. JohnL

    Introducing toddlers to percussion

    My daughter is a teacher at a head start facility and has asked me if I would come to her class and give the kids an intro to drumming. I want to involve the kids in the activity I'm planning on bringing a kit but also thought I would use some hand held instruments tambourine, cowbell etc...
  13. JohnL

    Axis Pedal on Goodwill

    For all you So Cal drummers. There's an Axis pedal on goodwill looks a little beat but the bid is low. Don't think anyone realizes what it is. I'd bid on it but it's pick up only in Santa Ana.
  14. JohnL

    OFF TOPIC: The Walking Dead

    Anybody a fan. I can't wait for the new season to start.
  15. JohnL

    Someone's got to have one and Thanks

    First a big thank you goes out to two members. Thank you to Rythymboy for providing 11 of the twelve lugs I've been searching for. Also thanks to galaxyo8 for providing four more lugs that don't quite match but are dam close. So building an acrylic rack tom for one of my kits can finally happen...
  16. JohnL

    Linda's got a sneer drum

    nice pearl sneer drum with stand great playing condition!! call or email linda
  17. JohnL

    Kinda OT Aneversary Today

    My wife and I have been married for 43 years and have known each other for 46. High school sweethearts married after graduation at the tender age of 18. Our birthdays are exactly one month apart to the day, our ss numbers are different by one digit and we lived within 10 miles of each other for...
  18. JohnL

    Ever See A Dyna Like This One?

    What do ya think guys and gals? Stick a Rogers script badge on it and your all set.
  19. JohnL

    Goodies in Manchester, NH

    If you live in or near New Hampshire you probably remember Dady's Junky Music Store. It closed with very little warning a couple of years ago. This cragslist add is allot of the leftovers. The pic in the add shows only MIJ stuff (which I went to check out) but there are other things...
  20. JohnL

    Ever get stung while playing?

    Well it happened to me today. Practicing today and right in the middle of of a heal up bass hit I got this pain on the top of my foot. Looked down and didn't see anything but boy did it hurt. I was afraid at first that I had done something to damage my foot. Anyway I finished my practice and...